The relationship between Russia and Japan about the island

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The Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Jan and the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev attended a meeting in Yokohama in Japan. The officials said that Naoto Jan talked about the dispute on the islands. There is no agreement was reached.

Besides the controversial of the islands,Guest Posting Medvedev also urged Japan to change their existed diplomatic thinking. Therefore, they can devote themselves to promote both economic and other cooperation between the two countries so that they can improve the relationship between them.

Naoto Jan told Medvedev that he hoped the talks will help open the mutual trust between the two countries. Medvedev responded and said that he is looking forward to the other cooperation between the two countries and make more dialogues which are based on trust. However, according to Japanese officials, the talk was started in a tension atmosphere.

After the meeting, Japan’s chief cabinet secretary said that Naoto Jan put forward a protest after Medvedev inspected the islands. Naoto said “either the Japanese government or the Japanese people can not accept Medvedev to inspect Kunashir. After Medvedev visited kunashir, he became the first leader who inspected the controversial island. Japan strongly protested and once temporarily recalled the ambassador Masaharu Kono who is in Russia. Kunashir is one of the four controversial islands between Japan and Russia.

The controversial island is located in Northern Japan and South of Kamchatka peninsula of Russia. Japan referred to the four islands as “Northern Territories”. The four islands are Shikotan Island, Kunashir, Iturup and Habomaiisland. Russia called these islands as Kuril Islands. Both of the two countries claim to have the sovereignty of these islands.


Facing the protest of Naoto Jan, Medvedev once again presented their position about the four islands. He said that the controversial issues between the two countries are very sensitive to Russia and also said that they have the rights to return to the islands again.

Medvedev pursued Japan to change the way of thinking because he thought economic cooperation should be put in the first place. Kyodo News said that the agreement of economic cooperation reached by Naoto and Madvedev can cope with the global challenges. Therefore, they can create a good environment to solve the controversial issues.

It is reported that Naoto Jan and Medvedev reached an agreement at last. Medvedev finally invited Naoto Jan to visit Russia next year. A Japanese official said that both of the two countries are important neighbors in Asia-Pacific areas. Promoting bilateral cooperation will contribute to their respective “strategic interests”. 

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