Using Fascism to Destroy Fascism

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It is admitted by anyone with an educated opinion that racism is harmful. It is a negative aspect of any society that it can be found in. Racist attitudes are simply an additional reason for people to hate. For some people, it is an additional reason to become violent. Whether attitudes of racism are found in mothers or fathers, daughters or sons, girlfriends or boyfriends, no matter where they are found, the belief has always been cruel and antisocial. In some families, a father will disown his son, should he date a black girl. If the laws weren't as humane as they are today, certain businesses would deny service or employment to racial minorities. In some universities today, students will be expelled if they date outside of their own race. Contrary to popular opinoin, universities do not exist to give the next generation the chance to create and express, but they exist to indoctrinate the next generation in to the habits and prejudices of their forefathers. No matter where it is found, and no matter whom it is found in, racism has always acted as an enemy of all that is good, kind, just, and gentle.

Sometimes,Guest Posting I suspect, that racism isn't really the cause of hatred. I sometimes think that certain people, by their individual nature, are simply hateful. They seek outlets for this emotion so they can express their rage. On what grounds, then, do most white supremacists assert claim to hate racial minorities? What is the cause of their anger for hispanic and african people? If anyone should be curious enough to explore the taboo of racism and read some white pride literature, which I'm sure most of us have done, they will find the reasons that fuel this hate. The claims made are numerous: Jewish people are involved in a secret organization to control the world; African Americans are cold-hearted, unwilling to work, and parasites to the rest of us; Mexican border-jumpers are only interested in America so that they can steal jobs from good-hearted, patriotic whites. Among others, these are the basic arguments that racists will use in spreading their opinions and propagating their ideas. They are motivated, instilled with this powerful energy of almost hopelessness with undying conviction, the two precursors to blind hatred.

It seems that the other side is frequently guilty of hatred as well, though. Some Liberals become so engrossed in the history of the Third Reich. They will watch documentary upon documentary about the crimes against humanity of which the Nazi party is responsible for. For them, it is a matter of fascination, to see such depths that humanity can fall to. They will always quote the six million number figure of Jews killed during the Holocaust, but they are unaware that several times that amount of non-Jews were also killed during that era. Besides the Holocaust, our country's Liberals will offer sympathy to the lost spirits of the slavery era. Their hearts become heavy and burdened when they read the books by Frederick Douglas and Harriett Beacher Stowe. All articles of the Ku Klux Klan activity and the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. draw their interest. Unfortunately, these Liberals are sometimes under the impression that the history of African Americans started with slavery. In the case of Hispanics, all good people of our modern world accept that they have been mistreated, raped, brutalized, tortured, and murdered by the Spanish conquistadors. All of these moments of death upon death are simply additional arguments of those who oppose racism. These people standing in a new era will use all of these moments in history as an additional reason to hate anyone with a racist opinion, to ostracize them, to wish for their misfortune and pray for their misery.

I've already made my opinion clear on these two warring factions. I am completely opposed to racism, because I feel that the good attributes that reflect the greatness of humanity are found in Caucasians, Africans, Hispanics, and Jews, equally. But still, there is more that needs to be said of these anti-racist attitudes that have surprisingly arisen in recent years. There is no doubt that the opinions of racist authors are particularly unpopular. However, Liberals and others of new opinions have always been so adament about hating and despising anyone with a racist attitude. Some of them are motivated by violence. I have seen peaceful klansmen marching in parades, giving speeches, and congregating, all according to the first amendment of the United States Constitution. During these demonstrations, the new Leftists have shown up to protest. Here there is a peaceful gathering of both sides, meeting each other face to face to let each other know that the other side still exists in force. More often than not, the Leftists will be motivated to violence. They will attack the Klansmen. If you should ask any protestor attacking a white supremacist, you will generally receive the same response: "They killed Martin Luther King! They enslaved the black race! They slaughtered the Jews all over Europe!" And, should anyone listen to the whispers of a Klansmen rally, you will know that they are united by the same idea of being under attack.

I cannot ever fathom attacking a man for using his freedom of speech. The White Supremacist has as much right to speak as I do. The first argument of these anti-racists is this: "We are all deserving of rights, no matter what our race or skin color should be, no matter what parents brought us in to the world..." Ironically, many of them add an additional argument to this: "The only people who do not deserve these rights are racists and bigots." I am completely confused. By attacking someone for speaking racist opinions, you are violating the one principle of civil rights. The idea behind Civil Rights is that every person has certain inalienable rights. Among those is the right to freedom of speech. What spirit are we keeping up with, when we grant Civil Rights to one person and not to another? When we grant ourselves and others the right to speak negatively of racism, why should we ever deny anyone the right to speak of it positively? Where is the honor in brutality against someone for practicing their Civil Rights? What pride should our modern day inquisitors have? Those people who attack peaceful Klansmen at rallies are rightfully called inquisitors. It shouldn't be forgotten that the inquisition of the Middle Ages tortured and killed millions of people on the grounds that they were doing the work of civil society and the lord.

In France and numerous countries throughout Europe, all racist opinions are banned. All forms of media that promote racist attitudes are illegal. In some situations, it is illegal to possess any items that feature the swastika. It will be a day of bitter irony when German police beat down a forty year old Indian man for wearing the swastika, a symbol of his people that existed for thousands of years before Adolf Hitler was ever born. Any learned man or woman will tell you the same thing about censorship: it only agitates the group you try to censor. It makes them more ardent, more convinced that they are oppressed. Censorship, like racist attitudes, simply creates tension. It breeds violence and cruelty. The premise of Censorship is thus: "Certain opinions, ideas, beliefs, and the like are anti-social. We do simply do not like them. And for this reason, it shall be illegal for these people to let others know what they think, lest they should gain converts to their cause." I have a great reason to suspect that the European nations are less concerned with freedom and a thousand times more concerned with their image in the global sense. Should there ever be a newscast delivered internationally of home-bred Nazis and racists marching in a parade down Berlin, the government would be extremely embarassed. The classical Anarchist can see all of this, the censorship and the hatred, and they will sadly murmur to themself, "Nothing has changed. There is simply a new group oppressing an old group. The men who conquered Auschwitz and burned down her god-forsaken walls were simply releasing new seeds in to the wind..."

The best way to express how I feel about the methods used by anti-racists to achieve their aims is this way: we can use Fascism to defeat Fascism. The progressives are quickly forgetting the lessons of history. The laws that they are passing against those of racist opinions are identical in every way to the laws that were passed against the Jews of Germany. When in power, the neo-conservative political parties used censorship and violence as a basic method and means of accomplishing their goals. Who, exactly, are we looking to when we use the same methods to eliminate racism? Those leftists who hurl bricks at non-violent racists in their little parades -- why do they not glorify Adolf Hitler or Mao Zhetung or Joseph Stalin? Their tactics of suppressing a minority through violence and censorship, the ultimate violations of civil rights, have been mastered by the leaders of their enemies. And yet, they are fully content to use these tactics.

Many disagree with the position I have taken here, that is, the position that Fascism can never defeat Fascism; it is like someone taking a lethal poison so that cancer cannot kill their body. EVERYONE, no matter what skin color or opinion, has a right to speak what they think, without ever having to worry about being attacked or their house being burned down at night. Some will tell me, "It is the ends, not the means, that we must be worried about. Crush racism first, and then we will worry about how humane our laws are." It is not simply the ends, but also the means, of Fascism that has made all of us ardent friends of the cause for liberty. The fact that the Nazi party used censorship and violence to accomplish its ends is the first reason we oppose Nazism. The fact that the Nazi party used this program to cause harm to minority races is the second reason. In both ways, they violated the Civil Rights of their citizens. That is the primary motivation of all Anarchists, Libertarians, Leftists, Liberals, Marxists, Syndicalists, and Progressives to oppose the Racist -- not only is their end of Racism undesirable for the world, but it is their methods that are equally undesirable.

Another argument brought to me often is the argument that I have not been the target of these racists. I have never been brutalized, or victimized, or otherwise attacked by Klansmen or Nazi skinheads. It is true: I am a white male, and at first glance, the enemy of freedom will not see me as a particular threat, either to the status quo or to neo-conservative ideologies. There are some things that should be understood. Just because a person has been victimized by a particular group, Nazi or otherwise, it does not necessarily mean that by attacking a different member of that group that you succeed in accomplishing justice. If, for example, a person is attacked and mugged by a gang of black teens, does he create justice by finding and killing the nearest black man? Of course not. And neither do Liberals create justice when they enact violence on racists. Some people call me "the intellectual revolutionary," a diligent student of history and philosophy. On the contrary, I've squatted, been arrested, and have been raided by police authorities. I've been robbed by poor people before. Sometimes for a great deal of money. My response was not: "These poor people have robbed me. Therefore, I shall abandon the cause of Socialism and Humanitarianism, as these were meant to help and improve the conditions of poor people." Finally, those who are motivated to violence by stories of violence should consider one last fact: every group that has utilized Fascism as its fountainhead has always spread rumors about how "the other side" has reacted in violence and censorship to them. In this case, though, it's true. But it is these rumors and stories that are used as a source of hatred, to inculcate a sense of intolerance towards other people and other ideas.

It should be always remembered, my dear readers, that once the revolutionaries in France had overthrown their oppressors, they called on Thomas Paine to help them rebuild their country. Like the friend of liberty that he was, he listened to their call and arrived. But he disagreed with these revolutionaries when they wanted to execute thousands. For his disagreement with their methods, Thomas Paine was sentenced to death by the so-called revolutionary government of France. The new French rulers were motivated so much by hatred for their previous leaders, that they were ready to satisfy their feelings of vengeance by slaughtering thousands of innocents. Of course the oppression given to them by their leaders was wrong, but to respond to it by murdering people who might have been friends with their leaders was an act that placed them on the same level as their oppressors. My words of advice to my fellow brothers and sisters of the revolution is this... Abandon Fascism. Adopt neither its aims nor its methods. That philosophy of racism which has seemed to be in decline should be allowed to decay; do not resurrect its gestapo tactics. Should you ever need a valid reason for living, let it be to love the creatures of the world and to work for a better planet for all of us.

For Life,


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