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Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma

Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma

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Sati Savitri via solar spiritual practices or Surya Sadhana had attained the boon of bringing back to life, her dead husband Satyavan. By doing such practices in a proper optimal manner the sun gives us material and spiritual prosperity, grandeur, good health, long disease free life and heavenly liberation or Moksha.


Maharshi Vishwamitra was a Drishta or seer of Super Mantra Gayatri and one who conducted scientific applications of Savitri. Via Super Energy Gayatri based spiritual practices from a Rajarshi he was rendered a Brahmarshi. On the basis of Savitri practices,SOLAR BASED SPIRITUAL PRACTICES CALLED SURYA SADHANA Articles he competed with Brahmaji the creator to create this world anew. His disciples Lord Parshuram and King Harishchandra were very great and powerful. Shakuntala was Maharshi Vishwamitra’s daughter who had given to Chakravarti Emperor Bharat. Bharat in turn rendered Aryavarta as gigantic Bharat called the land of India today. The Rishi status enjoyed by Maharshi Vishwamitra was a boon of Gayatri and his terrific efforts were the gift of Savitri.

Savita is the nature of Almighty God or divine cosmic consciousness. Savitri is his divine energy. Right from the beginning to the end she overflows with sacred sanctity but for public and gigantic missions its correct application is a must. HH Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya says that this Super Science Gayatri had to be highlighted so as to reawaken it. For this end he had to himself perform intense spiritual practices. Without these austerities even if Gurudeva and his disciples were very pure and austere in their inner personalities, even if they were imbued with immense power to attain heaven like liberation and bestow well being on others yet as far as ushering in world welfare and Era Transformation or Yuga Parivartan a more powerful force is required called Goddess Mahakali Savitri of Lord Mahakal Savita.

Via Super Power Gayatri we attain spiritual glories and via Savitri we get material powers or Sidhis. In order to attain a balanced benefit of Gayatri practices Savitri practices also have to be performed. Savitri practices have many hidden mysteries and these are elucidated in a text called ‘Vishwamitra Kalpa’ albeit in symbolic form. In the realm of spiritual sciences via the Sidha Rishi Shringi due to Savitri oriented application King Dashrath could sire 4 sons. The medium of this was ‘Yajnanarayan’. This was a contrary application of Savitri practice. Via the descending series boons were got and via contrary practice curses were got. Via the Savitri application Sidha Rishi Shringi after bringing back to life the serpent Takshak, induced it to bite King Parikshit and thus the king entered heaven. Within Savitri Science large sized attacks (not individual but congregational) can be used to uproot world stature hazards and misfortunes. Savitri is called Saraswati also.

On the spiritual path wisdom/knowledge advances via worship and meditation and energy via spiritual practices called Sadhana. Via Japa or Mantra chanting, worship rites called Anushthan, meditation, selfless service, Puja etc land is sanctified and with the aid of Yoga practices and austerities spiritual practices evolve superbly. After devotional worship spiritual practices commence. Via devotional worship divine qualities augment in our psyche and via spiritual practices the boon of getting imbued within immensely with divine energy accrues.

From the above mentioned proof, Gayatri and Savitri can be called 2 bodies with 1 single common Prana or life force. For material goals divine energy Savitri and for spiritual goals Super Power Gayatri is required.

The question asked is why do we need to do Surya Sadhana or solar based spiritual practices? The sun is the very soul of this gigantic world. Its light spreads out just about everywhere. All the planets, satellites etc of the solar system get illumined only via sun’s brilliant light. Our own moon is not self illumined because it is but a mass of mud. Yet when sunlight falls on it the moon shines brightly at night. Other planets and satellites also get illumined via sunlight thus.

The sun and Savita are not separate but are one only. What is seen visibly is the ball of light called sun in the sky and its soul is Savita. It is the lord of soul power. Our body is the sun and its soul is Savita. Visibly the sun can be symbolized as a mango fruit and its sweet flavor can be called Savita. Lord Sun is a visible deity because via the brilliant sun creatures take birth, they grow and then die. More than air and food sunlight is more important because without its presence both air and food just cannot survive. Without sunlight the fertility of soil and the existence of plants, trees and all creatures growing on it are impossible. It is only in the presence of sunlight that plants make oxygen and the latter helps in sustaining the lives of many creatures including human beings. All forests and lush greenery growing on planet earth is but the gift of the brilliantly shining sun. Solar worship and meditation inspires us to uproot bodily diseases, psychic mental disorders, agitation, stress, enemy attacks, vile activities executed due to a tainted intellect etc. The creation augmenting and transformation of all living beings is due to the presence of the sun only.

In ancient eras when a Brahmachari (observing sexual continence or celibacy) approached a revered Guru for spiritual initiation or Deeksha the Guru would say:

Manav suryasthavrit manuvrajaswa.

MEANING: This Brahmachari disciple would be advised to stare at the rising sun just after dawn and was asked to walk behind in its footsteps (i.e. this Brahmachari disciple must become a Gayatri devotee and worshiper).

The Brahmachari disciple in turn would chant the Yajurveda Mantra:

Suryasyavritta manvarte.

MEANING: The Brahmachari disciple replied that he was making a resolve or Sankalpa to walk behind the footsteps of the sun (i.e. he agreed to become a Gayatri devotee and worshiper).

This disciple prays daily:

Ahamuyasam saviteva charu.

MEANING: May I become as brilliantly illumined as the sun! The meaning of walk behind in the footsteps of the sun is imbibing great radiant qualities of the sun. By doing Surya Sadhana or solar based spiritual practices we can imbibe the great radiant qualities of the sun. Since Super Mantra Gayatri is a solar Mantra we must do Gayatri practices.

The 1st quality of the sun is that it never leaves its center. It rotates and revolves around its center and axis only by never veering away from it. Similarly we may roam around anywhere, we may do business, we may take up education, do a job etc yet we must never give up our glorious human qualities and values. First and foremost we are humans. Our caste, status, degree, wealth etc are secondary because we are human beings first. We must always remember that primarily we are human beings and only then in a secondary way we are Hindu, Muslim, Sikhs, Christians, Chinese, Americans, Japanese, Russians etc. If we as humans hate and insult other humans know that this is not humane on our part.

Jyotishmataha patho raksha kritan.

MEANING: Man must protect those paths that are based on a pious intellect. The main reason why humanity undergoes a massive downfall is that he gives up sacred human values. Mister Gibbs has written a book on the Roman Empire. In it he writes that those who invaded Rome burnt the library of the Sikandar library for 6 months. Knowledge is meant for all. It does not belong to any one particular country. Grammar is meant for all world humanity hence by burning a library you are destroying all countries.

Bhaktiar Khilji after attacking Nalanda University set to fire its huge library. Hence where had humanity disappeared then? The queen of Chittor Padmini along with her friends in order to protect their Sati nature set themselves on fire. Say, where had humanity disappeared then?

While journeying to Kailash Manasarovar at a height of 14,700 feet on Lipulih valley the 1st city of Tibet dwells called Takkalkot. Near Takkalkot in Shamli hermitage there was a big statue of Lord Buddha made of gold. Over here resided 150 Bhikkus and 50 Buddhist female ascetics observing celibacy. China attacked Tibet grabbed this statue and melted it. They showered bullets on these 150 Bhikkus and 50 Buddhist female ascetics so as to cold bloodedly kill them. Say is this true humanity? The sun hence tells us do not differentiate and discriminate. The sun says that without differentiating in the form of Hindu, Muslim, Sikhs, Christians, Chinese, Americans, Japanese, Russians etc. I give warmth, energy and light equally to all in the entire world.

The 3rd quality of the sun is that it is eternally illumined and shares its brilliant light with everyone in the cosmos. We ourselves must imbibe this light and share it with all. The first thing is we must imbibe the divine light of wisdom and without any sense of separatism share this divine wisdom with the entire world. The Guru of Pandavas-Kauravas Dronacharya told Eklavya that since he was a member of the Bhil tribe he could not teach Eklavya the art of archery. Surely this was not humane on Dronacharya’s part.

The 4th great quality of the sun is to live same sighted within whether we face joy or sorrow. Clouds tend to cover the sun so many times yet the sun remains unfazed. Similarly know for sure that dark gloomy times appearing in our lives shall get uprooted very soon. Thus we must imbibe and gather as much soul force as possible. You all are the lords and masters of this world. So labor hard honestly and akin to the sun rent asunder dark clouds of hardships clouding your life.

The 5th great quality of the sun is self sacrifice and charity or philanthropy.

Vayam syam patayo rayinan.

MEANING: O Almighty Lord! May I become the lord of an infinite storehouse of wealth, food grains etc! Our glorious scriptures Vedas and Upanishads have never stopped us from earning as much wealth as we wish. In fact they say that earn so much wealth that you eat food daily in vessels made of silver and gold. You must stay in large firmly built houses. Travel in cars, planes etc yet, never get immersed in thoughts of material wealth only. If the boat floats on water it can safely reach the other shore yet if water enters the boat know that you and the boat both shall get drowned. Hence earn lots of wealth but see to it that you use it judiciously and wholesomely. If you ignore this advice then definitely you shall drown and get destroyed in the ocean of material wealth.

The sun says: I render sea water into steam by my ferocious heat and raise it up in the sky as clouds. No doubt these clouds cover me temporarily yet they later pour down as salt free potable water on earth and partially back into the sea. Thus you too must earn wealth yet akin to me pour it into world society for uplifting the pious culture of your country and world at large.

The 6th great quality of the sun is that if you wish to attain greatness akin to the sun, destroy impurity of body and psyche especially.

Wherever sun rays travel they destroy disease bearing germs/microbes and dirt too. Thus we humans also must imbibe that power so as to destroy impurity of our body and mind. In this manner we shall become pure both bodily and mentally. Further after we ourselves must become pure in body and mind we must imbibe potent soul energy so as to uproot blind undesirable traditions/beliefs prevalent in society, sinful thinking and activities and impurity of vile behavior. Thus we can usher in a world environment of sacred purity and sanctity.

The sun destroys dirt yet its rays never become dirty. Similarly when we destroy dirt and taints pertaining to society, body, culture etc yet we must not lose our purity even a tad bit. We must never get tainted by others’ taints.

The sun says that it has 1000 qualities i.e. ‘surya deva sahasransho’. When we devotees commence imbibing these great qualities within then due to the grace of Sun God you shall attain many wonderful qualities leading to your all round material-spiritual prosperity. Just as the world looks up to me with reverence you too shall attain deep faith and honor from the entire world.

Sun’s energy is Savita who is the soul of the sun. Divine aura or Brahmatej and Savita are one and the same. Savita’s aura and Gayatri’s Bhargaha or divine light are one and the same. The deity of Gayatri that is Savita is the center of the world’s knowledge and wisdom. Whatever is found in the Vedas is but an amplification of Savita’s energy. By doing Savita based austerities, faith and spiritual practices adept Yogis attain Savita energy. Savita deity in the morning is Rigveda in nature Yajurveda at noon and Samaveda at sunset. Amongst these Vedas we can attain Jnanayoga or Yoga of Wisdom from Rigveda, Karmayoga or Yoga of Action from Yajurveda and Bhaktiyoga or Yoga of Devotion from Samaveda.

In summer season the heat of sun is very intense and hence it is well nigh difficult to stand under this blazing sun. Grass dries up totally. Earth burns akin to a frying pan. Humans perspire profusely. They drink lots of cold water, lemonade etc and eat a lot of ice cream. They use coolers, AC and fans to cool down. But as against all this there are many benefits also. Sun induces activity in all creatures, converts salt water into potable drinking water via cloud formation in the sky. This rain from clouds helps in blooming of flowers, fruits etc. Due to many such reasons the sun is called the soul of the world.

The 7 rays of the sun can uproot all diseases of the world. Till today Solar Healing Science was not made use of yet in present times its auspicious commencement has taken place. By focusing solar rays passing thru’ colored glass on a particular part of the body amazing healing is noted. By filling up various hued glass bottles with water and placing them under sunlight the water takes up the form of a special type of medicine. In Chromopathy certain applications are being carried out so that a day shall come wherein via mere apt utilization of solar rays all diseases under the sun can be healed successfully. None should get mind boggled if in future all other modes of healing and medical therapies are set aside and via mere use of solar energy not only man’s gross body but that his various mental ailments and diseases shall be successfully treated from their very roots.

The brain capacity of a lady called Lilaben Sandesara (from Dakor-India) had weakened a lot and she took treatment from a doctor and then a Vaidya. Yet no success was got in this medical therapy administered. One Gayatri devotee advised Lilaben to bring some soil from the fields, wet this soil and paste it on her scalp. She was asked to sit under sunshine in the open till the moist soil on the head did not dry up totally. After a few days of this treatment Lilaben’s brain problem normalized. She then journeyed to USA and there she started treating people with the method administered to her by that Gayatri devotee. This method of healing succeeded a lot in USA also.

A man from Deodar-India arrived in Shantikunj (HQ of All World Gayatri Family-Haridwar-India) for medical healing in a Naturopathy Camp organized there. Since he was eating a lot of Gutka (type of tobacco) his mouth got jammed. Food would be given to him in liquid form that too akin to feeding a baby with a spoon. The head of this Naturopathy Camp who was a Yogiraj told this man that in 15 days itself, the jammed mouth could be opened up yet this man was first advised to give up eating this dangerous Gutka forever. This man agreed to do so and vowed that he would die but never touch Gutka.

The Yogiraj advised this man to paste on his mouth the cow dung and cow urine got from the cow shed of Shantikunj mixed with clean soil got from the Dev Sanskriti University there. Before sunrise while chanting Super Mantra Gayatri with deep faith and devotion, this man with the paste on his mouth must sit under sunshine for 4 hours continuously. This paste would dry up on its own and would fall off; till then this man must sit under the sun. This man was told that if he did this at his residence too his mouth would definitely open up fully within 15 days of executing this naturopathy healing method. It goes without saying that this man’s mouth did open as before and further he helped others afflicted with such jammed mouths using the above naturopathy healing method.

This then is the stupendous, incomparable and super healing capacity of solar energy. Anyone can use this healing method and help others get successfully treated too using it for their benefit. By pasting the entire body with the soil mentioned above all bodily pain disappears. By pasting this soil on the tummy the digestive power increases very healthily and stools stuck to the walls of the rectum and intestines come out of the anus very smoothly. Many such applications are mentioned in ‘solar Healing Science’ or ‘surya Chikitsa Vijnana’.

It is not as though only our country India is aware of the spiritual import of the brilliant sun. Egypt’s gigantic solar image is the most ancient one unearthed so far. Pharoah King Raismus 2nd had made this sun statue by drilling a mountain for sculpting purpose. This sun statue has a height of 225 feet and it is believed that it was created in 4000 BC.

Odisha’s Konark Sun Temple and Gujarat’s Modhera Sun Temple both in India are very well-known. The height of Konark Sun Temple is 225 feet. For studying scientific data of eclipses, both Indian and foreign scientists come here to carry out detailed research.

King Ikshwaku had done solar spiritual practices or Surya Sadhana and hence, his lineage was named Suryavanshi or Solar Clan. The Pandavas of the epic Mahabharat fame faced untold difficulties while in forest exile. At that time Rishi Dhaumya had advised them to perform solar spiritual practices or Surya Sadhana. Sati Savitri via solar spiritual practices or Surya Sadhana had attained the boon of bringing back her dead husband Satyavan back to life. By doing such practices in a proper optimal manner the sun gives us prosperity, grandeur, good health and heavenly liberation. This is detailed in the Indian Mythology text called Surya Purana.

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There is a scientific law that when a higher energy stream flows towards a lower energy center, the flow continues until both the energies attain equal levels.  The power attained via Gayatri is a mature state of the above fact.  When man’s consciousness in his material body becomes all-pervasive, same sighted and omnipotent like solar consciousness, he can decipher the state of water, wind and people’s health and can also read other peoples’ minds.  He also becomes the lord of other subtle powers. 


People take up vile habits of drug addiction, alcohol inebriation etc because they are given freedom to do so. Ere its production was disallowed, those who indulged in them were duly punished, none would show zest for facing a slow paced suicide. Since people would have saved themselves from this noose from the mental standpoint they would have become well balanced and would protect themselves from all kinds of censure and downfall in life.


Lest the welfare of political rulers and wealthy class were not given supreme weight age  the stature of world lay public today would have reached zenith heights. When machines were designed to help man in various tasks they should have been made in small sizes. Thus with lesser hard work, in a short time span man would have got an opportunity to procure basic means for apt living.