Victimization Survey

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The type of victimization in general may be sub-divided into two broad categories  property and violence.

Property victimization may include the stealing of vehicle or vehicle's various parts or damages carried out on that particular aspect,Guest Posting vandalism, pick-pocketing whereas violent victimization may include beating, attempted injury by weapon (e.g. knife) or objects (e.g. chair) being raped or sexually or physically assaulted. Prevalence and frequency are one of the essential ingredients for analysing the documents retrieved from the survey. Prevalence implies whether the individual has been victimized by a crime during a given measurement period, whereas, frequency implies the number of the occurrence of the victimization during that particular time frame.

The analysis of the survey may encapsulate several different areas of measure of problem outcomes including non-domestic violent offending (felony assault), serious and severe property offending (felony theft), serious domestic violence offending, serious domestic violence victimization, marijuana use, poly-drug abuse, problem drug use, mental health problems.

The analysis also considers the effects related to age cohort, gender, race/ethnicity, majority/minority and socioeconomic background of parents. The analysis is restricted to the three youngest NYS age cohorts. The sample of the respondents primarily satisfy the requirement of participants who are young enough not being experienced in certain problems especially being unexposed to the use of illicit drugs, whereas, on the other hand, the samples must encompass the requirement of being so much old that they have the opportunity to experience all sorts of problems. The final year of the survey that is 1992, NYS has been conducted the measurement for adult mental health problems by emphasizing on the cycle of depression, anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

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