The Phenomenon of Russia

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... from Russian. We shall be glad to receive your remarks on ... grammar, and content ... Chinese proverb says: Before going ... find out where you are. Having ...

Translated from Russian. We shall be glad to receive your remarks on stylistics,Guest Posting grammar, and content issues.

The Chinese proverb says: Before going somewhere, find out where you are. Having paraphrased on Russian, we shall receive: Before asking "What to do?" find out who you are.
The basic problem of the Russian society is the following: we do not know who we are. We as a society are in unconsciousness. Let will address to a history. Russians did not understand itself and therefore searched the help at outside of during many centuries. The first fact known to us is the invitation of Scandinavians to a board, because the Russian "democratic" control system through Veche has given failure. In the first centuries of Scandinavians board a lot of famous actions have been made in Russia. Main from it are creation of statehood and expansion of Christiania on the ancient Russian ground. But Scandinavians did not differ from Russians through some generations and were a reason for chaos of domestic wars. It was a major factor of Russia capture by Tatars. With all negatives that invasion from the East carried Russia have received positives: the authority, the order and the East culture. The obvious fact, the Tatars invasion promoted the collecting of Russian grounds around the Moscow and further to a birth of Great Russia. As soon as east experience has been mastered and it has been embodied in Ivan Grozniy's despotisms, unconsciousness of Russians was appearing once again and plunged the country into Vague time. After a short rest at M. F. Romanov's board, unconsciousness had again an effect in Great split and crisis of authority down to Peter I's board. Peter's greatness consists that he has combined West and the East, the western technologies and east values. Cultural explosion of the XIX century has been appeared due to Peter's reforms. Unfortunately Alexander II's reforms had only the Western basis; it had enabled the Russia unconsciousness to appear in the beginning of XX century during Russian revolutions. What is our way now? Where will this way result? It would not be desirable to be mistaken once again.
This work is attempt to reply: "Who are we?"


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