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Dymocks, Australia’s largest bookseller is going to alter and grow the book industry and simultaneously stay ahead of competitors.

Dymocks,Guest Posting Australia’s largest bookseller is going to alter and grow the book industry in Australia and simultaneously stay ahead of competitors, by launching web-based book publishing service.

From October 2011, all Australians can use new digital service for creating and printing a family history for their personal use, or for writing, publishing, and selling the next great novel.

D Publishing, a new web-based book publishing service from Dymocks aims to support all Australians with stories to tell. As a complete, end to end service, D Publishing will enable authors to take control of the professional creation, publishing and distribution of books and ebooks, without the need for previous experience or expertise in this area. The service will allow these authors access to a world traditionally reserved for those who publish their books through large publishing houses.

According Dymocks the service is open to anyone. It is as much for individuals as it is for groups (e.g. charities or community groups), institutions or small and medium sized businesses. As noted in the article "Fiction gets its own SP platform", self-publishing is a trend that isn’t going away and there are a growing number of authors who simply want to go directly to readers with their books.

“Dymocks is consistently looking for opportunities to support Australian authors, as well as areas where we can grow the local book industry. We are particularly interested in providing those authors, who have not previously had the opportunity to have their book published with a traditional publisher, the chance to take control of publishing their book from start to finish. Dymocks is firmly committed to bringing innovative and relevant initiatives, such as this publishing service, to the market”, – Dymocks representative says.

The service will give budding authors the opportunity to publish one or thousands of books and provide them with access to a range of services including professional editing and feedback from the Dymocks community. D Publishing enables authors to create, improve, print, publish and distribute books and ebooks.

”The launch of this service also allows us to give something back to our community of Booklovers – offering them the opportunity to either publish their own books, or to read and provide their insight and feedback on the manuscripts of the budding authors and publishers who decide to use D Publishing”, – Dymock’s manager says.

Once the website is up and running all budding authors and publishers will need is the draft book, preferably edited and proofread, as a MS Word document. They can then log onto the site and start producing and publishing their book with D Publishing.

Dymocks is keen to get authors to try out the service as soon as possible in order to gain feedback and recommendations on the areas we can improve, before the website is officially launched.

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