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... is always there because the bitmaps are ... files. This is also the reason why it is quite tricky to remove them. However, no matter how tricky it is to others you can simplify it w

Background is always there because the bitmaps are pixel-based files. This is also the reason why it is quite tricky to remove them. However,Guest Posting no matter how tricky it is to others you can simplify it with CorelDraw.

Start by importing your bitmap into CorelDraw. Press Alt+F, I) and deselect it immediately so that you will not activate the Auto-Trace tool with the subsequent step. Using the Bezier tool, start creating a Powerclip Container for your image. At this point, you need not worry about accuracy because you can always go back at a future time. With the Node Edit rollup and your pointer, try to reshape the Container. Even if your bitmap’s background is not adjacent, you can still Powerclip it by combining several shapes into one Container.

To create a simulated transparent background from a Mask that encloses the part of your image that you want to keep, you can also use Photo-Paint. Save As an EPS file, and Import it into Draw using the Postscript EPS filter. It will be imported into Draw as a curve with a full-color bitmap fill, which means that if you try to resize it, you'll get a tiled fill. Select the object and open the Fill rollup to avoid tiling. Click on Update From and select the object again. Click on Edit and enable Scale Pattern With Object, and click Apply.

With the bitmap selected, open the Bitmap Color Mask rollup and click on the Eyedropper tool. Use the Eyedropper to select the colors from your image to be concealed. Use the slider to adjust the Tolerance for similarly colored pixels. Because all pixels of a particular color or range will be concealed by bitmap Color Mask, you can first use Photo-Paint to fill those pixels with a distinct color and then choose it with the Bitmap Color Mask Eyedropper. Bear in mind that the Bitmap Color Mask does not work with B/W bitmaps, although you can still dispense foreground and background color with the Fill and Outline tools.

Although you could create objects and layers in earlier versions of Photo-Paint, and even preserve them with the CPT format, now you can import a layered CPT or PSD file for that matter into CorelDraw 7/8 and Ungroup to edit the layers. If you don't like the white background in your bitmap, just hit the Delete key- that easy!

CorelDraw 7/8 also includes much of Photo-Paint's functionality right inside the Draw module. Create your artwork, and from the Bitmap menu select Convert to Bitmap). Choose your color depth and resolution and check Transparent Background. If you are planning to use some of the Effects filters included in Draw 7's in-place bitmap editing, you should enclose your objects inside a no fill, no outline box to make an interface of workspace for the Effect. Draw 8 has an Auto-Inflate Bitmap option.

With CorelDraw and Photo-Paint 6, you will have an improved bitmap handling. It’s like magic. You can import bitmap into Draw and watch the background and unwanted colors vanish. With CorelDraw, you can hide everything in its invisibility cloak!

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