Publishing Your Great American Novel is Now Easier Than Ever!

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Thanks the rapidly growing e-book industry, undiscovered authors are now getting the chance to not only  have their work published, but exposed to a worldwide audience.

The Digital Age Cometh

There's no question: e-readers are changing the face of publishing. In a matter of minutes,Guest Posting you can have the novel of your choice in the palm of your hand and for the most part, at a much cheaper price than its hard copy counterpart.

But not only are e-readers changing the way we read—they're also changing the way we write. Until recently, the only chance an aspiring author had of getting published was through the normal channels, which at best were a crapshoot and more often than not, a rejection.

Enter the E-Word

When Amazon began allowing newbie authors to publish on Kindle, it seemed the industry's glass ceiling been shattered. Now others have followed suit, and it's a whole new game. No longer do first-time authors need to get a nod from top publishers in order to see their work in print; now, it's up to the public to decide. And with the number e-reader owners steadily rising—the past two months have seen a 34 percent jump, up to 2.8 million—the potential audience is growing by leaps and bounds.

What's in it for Me?

Actually, quite a bit. Not only is it an opportunity to get exposure and build an audience; it can also be a potentially lucrative business. Most e-publishers allow authors to set their own prices for their books, along with decent cut of the profits. Amazon, for example, recently raised their royalties from 35 percent to a whopping 70 percent. So on a book priced at $9.99, you'd get $6.99. Not bad, and in fact, more than what most traditionally published authors make for printed books. Sell enough of them and it could net you a pretty hefty profit. Add to that the fact that there's no fees or overhead, and the prospect becomes even more appealing—a win-win situation for everyone. Just upload your book, publicize it, and watch the money start rolling in.

How do you do it?

Actually, it's relatively simple. All you need is a computer, an internet connection, and of course, your masterpiece. Amazon has a user-friendly Digital Text Platform (DTP) where you can easily upload your work as well as keep track of sales. When I e-published my thriller, While the Savage Sleeps, I found the process indeed to be very simple. I uploaded my synopsis, cover photo, and the actual text, and within two days it was live. Of course, Amazon is no longer the only game in town. Seems as if just about everyone's coming out with an e-reader; also good because more devices means a larger audience. To increase your sales, there are also all-in-one services like Smashwords, who will make your work available to almost every e-reader on the market. They also offer innovative marketing strategies to help you boost your sales, such as special discount coupons you can offer for your books, as well as distribution to a worldwide audience. That service is also free.

So, What's the Catch?

None, really. The guidelines are pretty straight-forward. There are, of course, a few restrictions on what you can publish (it has to be your original work, must conform to formatting guidelines, can't violate any laws, be hateful or discriminatory, etc.). Another possible challenge is that it's your responsibility to edit and proofread your own material. Trust me, if your book is filled with grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors, the readers will notice (many e-readers allow returns if the buyer isn't satisfied, so you'd best be sure your work is of the highest quality you can make it; either that, or hire a professional editor to help get it there).

So really, if the only thing that's been stopping you from putting your Great American Novel out there has been the fact that it's so hard to get a foot in, then worry no more. The door is open—it's up to you to enter and take full advantage of what's inside!

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