Will 2007 will be “The Year of the Authorpreneur “ for Internet Book Marketing?

Nov 9


V. Michael Santoro

V. Michael Santoro

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As an author, you possess the true secret to Internet book marketing success – your writing skills. Why? The biggest hurdles that Internet Marketers face is providing original content that is written to satisfy...

  • The search engines to obtain good positioning
  • Information hungry surfers searching for quality niche content
  • The continuous need to provide quality content to maintain search engine positioning and targeted traffic

Becoming an Authorpreneur

An Authorpreneur does not compete using the traditional book marketing model. Instead,Will 2007 will be “The Year of the Authorpreneur “ for Internet Book Marketing? Articles they view their books as products and effectively combine their writing skills with proven Internet Marketing techniques to accomplish better results. This allows them to become an expert within a niche based upon their book's theme.

If you become an Authorpreneur, you can dominate your niche by doing what you love - writing. By understanding the writing process, you will accomplish what other Webmasters either fail to do or pay ghostwriters to accomplish. It isn’t a matter of well-written material from an editor’s viewpoint. Rather, it is well-written from an Internet Marketing perspective. For example, Web pages, sales letters, and articles all require different writing techniques to accomplish different Internet marketing goals:

  • Theme-based Web pages pre-sell products and convince visitors to continue on to the product’s sales page
  • Sales pages drive home the product benefits and converts visitors into customers
  • Articles provide links back to your Web pages to obtain good search engine positioning and drive targeted traffic to your Website’s landing pages. They can also link directly to a Web page that is pre-selling a product which is a solution to a problem that you discussed in your article.

The Importance of Providing Unique Well-Written Content

Too many Website owners are more concerned about cutting corners and rushing to get their Website online rather than:

  • Ensuring that their site addresses the needs of their visitors
  • Properly designing their Website’s navigation
  • Properly writing their Website content to place well in the search engines
  • Developing a linking strategy that improves search engine placement and generates targeted traffic
  • Developing a list of subscribers that grows into long term customers

By placing well in the search engines, you can increase your chances of making sales and gaining PR exposure by as much as 46%. By knowing how to correctly research your theme-based keywords, and properly optimizing them into your unique and original content, you will achieve what 95% of authors and Internet Marketers fail to achieve – dominating your niche in the search engines.

Just imagine your book sales, PR accomplishments and the supplemental income you can acquire by becoming an expert in a niche based upon your book’s theme while incorporating an effective Internet book marketing program.

My prediction is that when we look back, 2007 will be remembered as “The Year of the Authorpreneur” for Internet book marketing. Writers without a solid knowledge of Internet Marketing techniques will not survive online. Internet Marketers without effective writing skills will either fail or have to continue to invest in ghostwriters to survive. By becoming an Authorpreneur, which blends both skill sets, you will be part of the next generation of successful Internet marketers with the added benefit of possessing publishing credentials.