Scope of Biomedical Engineering

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Biomedical Engineering is a stream that combines engineering and medicine. It is one of those niche areas of engineering that has wide scope in research, pharmaceutics and medical education

It is no secret that the future of technological developments lies in Biomedical Engineering. Many latest developments nowadays are complimented with the biologically advanced technologies. The applications of Biomedical Engineering in the field of computers,Guest Posting sports and industry have gone at a higher level and is stepping up high day by day.


There are various professional uses of application of Biomedical Engineering that made it a lucrative career option in the future. Lots of new research are coming up that are manifesting the expanding scope of Biomedical Engineering. Let us figure out some latest trends of Biomedical Engineering:


1) Stem Cells:


The future lies in the stem cells. Stem cells serve as an internal repair system by potentially developing into many different types in the body. The application variants of stem cells are still under research process. The Centre for Stem Cell Science located at Hyderabad uses adult stem cells for translational research that includes ailments relating to heart, kidney, bone, pancreas, liver and cartilage disorder. It is an excellent opportunity for Biomedical Engineers to associate themselves with such institutions for research purposes and build careers in this line. Many good colleges in India offers graduate and postgraduate courses in Biomedical Engineering like IIT-BHU, IIT-Roorkee, VIT University, MIT- Manipal and to name a few.


2) DNA as a Storage Drive:


In some areas of technological space, the biomedical engineering is replacing the existing conventional technical engineering. In recent exploration, the researchers have experimented to archive data in the genetic material instead of a digital device. The difference between a DNA and a digital device is that the DNA by its significant nature is an information-storing molecule through which we pass genes from generation to generation. On the other hand, the digital device stores the information in the binary format in the form of '0' and '1'. The advantage of choosing DNA as the storage medium is that the durability of it is far better than a digital device. The data stored in a DNA could last for thousands and thousands of years.


There is a lot of scope in Biomedical Engineering in coming times. The need is to drive the interest of the youth towards this non-conventional arena. Where there is ample of room for research and development, the scope of that field can never go in stagnation. 


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