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It is a wide known fact that major search engines have changed their criteria on how websites and back-links towards them are being evaluated and what importance ranking-wise is given to them.

 Until recently,Guest Posting it was enough to simply submit a great number of gibberish articles, stuff them with keywords and back-links and you were good to go. That is also the reason why there is such a huge number of useless content on internet these days, optimized for the spiders only and ignoring the actual visitors and readers.

Major search engines have decided to put this practice to a stop and to discourage publishing of such material by giving it little if any value in their search results. As an article marketer, if it was ever your practice, you will need to stop focusing on how to rank higher and optimize your content for the crawlers solely. If you intend to rank on Google and other major search engines such as Yahoo and Bing, you will need to deliver content that is foremost useful and beneficial to your readers. If your readers are satisfied, if you have helped them solve their problem, given them a useful advice, Google will give your articles high importance, so as to the back-links included in your articles’ body or in the resource box.

This is a good change and might as well lead to stopping gibberish content from being published, for its only purpose was search engine optimization with no regard toward human readers whatsoever.
By writing quality articles and submitting them to article directories, not only you will offer useful information to your audience, you can also have your articles republished by other webmasters, which will give additional value to the back-links included in them. 

Only after you have delivered quality and useful information on the chosen subject in your articles should you focus on search engine optimization. Be careful not to overdo it, as search engine algorithms are now taking into account keyword density in their content evaluation, so articles stuffed with keywords are automatically labeled as unsuitable for human readers and the back-links in them are given no importance.

You readers and their experience should now be your outmost focus. Search engines want to deliver highest quality results for the given key-phrases and if you want to achieve any SEO success, old practices such as keyword stuffing, over-submitting to worthless sites and reciprocal link building are to be long forgotten.

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