The Angel Of Karma

Apr 3


Judi Singleton

Judi Singleton

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The Angel ... is believed to be one of the seven truly powerful angels who have the great honor of standing in the presence of God. He is believed to be the angel that ... Jesus in the


The Angel Camael
Camael is believed to be one of the seven truly powerful angels who have the great honor of standing in the presence of God. He is believed to be the angel that comforted Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane prior to his arrest. He is also credit with having command over the so called "Angels of Destruction." He along with Gabriel,The Angel Of Karma Articles and once Lucifer, are honored as cheifs of the angelic choir.
The Powers ~ The Second Hierarchy - The Third Choir
The Angels of Form and Space. They are often associated with the essence of the Sun. They bring the power of intellect in such matters as math, geometry, astronomy and so on. They are the professors and educators. They bring the "physical" form to the universe and it's planets. They guardians of the heavenly pathways and impose the will of God without fear or mercy.
This Choir consists of:
Their appearance:
The Powers are often seen with with swords of flame, used to protect humans and defeat the "devils".

Camael appears as a warrior dressed in a red tunic. He wears green armour plates, an iron helmet and has large green wings.

The Angel of Divine Love and the Patron Angel of all who love God. He is traditionally regarded as chief of the Order of Powers and one of the sefiroth. He is one of the governing angels of the seven planets, specifically ruler of the planet Mars.

A gatekeeper of Heaven, Camael is Chief of twelve-thousand fiery Angels of Destruction, all posted there with Camael at the portals of the sky.

Originally the God of War, Camael personifies divine justice and governs Heavenly singing. He grants Power, Invisibility, and invincibility. Camael is responsible for holding in check Leviathan, the monster of evil who will swallow the souls of sinners on Judgment Day. Camael brings to mankind the gift of Godness, the Holy that exists within all women and men.

Camael gives power in interpersonal relationships and self-discipline, but the most impressive trait of this Archangel is his knowledge of Karma. Camael can show you how to make up for bad karma and how to purify yourself in this incarnation. He acts as a judge and can, on your behalf, make sure justice is served. He will only help, however, if he feels you are honest.
Fallen Angels and the Origins of Evil: Why Church Fathers Suppressed the Book of Enoch and Its Startling Revelations
by Elizabeth Clare Prophet
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by Constance Victoria Briggs
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Connecting With Your Angels: How to See, Talk, and Work With the Angelic Realm
by Doreen, Phd Virtue
Angels are Real

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