Astrology Facts About Blue Sapphire Stone

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Blue Sapphire, more popularly referred as Neelam, is considered to be the most intense and most swift with its impacts. Amongst the nine precious stones associated with the nine astrological planets, this one stone stands out as the most powerful. Associated with the planet Saturn, it is referred with several names such as Sauri Ratna, Shanipriya, and Yakut (Persian name).

Blue Sapphire is an extremely beautiful stone. It is prominently found in various shades of blue color. India,Guest Posting Russia, America, and Sri Lanka are the prominent sources of this stone. In India, Kashmir is the prominent source. Amongst the different forms found in these places, those found in Sri Lanka are considered to be the most auspicious and optimum. Other than them, those found near Soojam in Kashmir are equally popular for their distinct beauty. Out of their striking resemblance with the color of the neck of a peacock (Mayur), they are popularly referred as ‘Mayur Neelam’.


Blue Sapphire is prominently found in two forms, Indranil and Jalnil. The color of the former form holds a striking resemblance with the color of the neck of a peacock, and is found in dark blue color. The latte form has a varied color pattern, with dark shades on the corners and light shades in the middle.

Intense and Varied Impacts

Blue Sapphire holds quite an intense impact, which can be sensed in quick time. Another distinct aspect about this stone is that it does not act favorable for everyone. As it is intense in its impact, it is easy to conclude that whether it is favorable or unfavorable in quick time. One can sense the same in as less time as 3 seconds, or 3 minutes, or 3 hours, or 3 days. From the first day itself, you are bound to get dreams. If one tends to have bad dreams or faces experience unfavorable circumstances, then one should not wear it as that denotes for unsuitability of this stone for a person. On the other hand, if one tends to have pleasant dreams or faces positive occurrences, then one should certainly go for it, as this can act as one extremely auspicious amulet and Talisman.


Blue Sapphire, if confirmed to be suitable, can work out to be extremely auspicious for a person. It can help one get rid of all money related problems. Benefits and auspiciousness pours in over that person from all spheres of life. Besides earning a stable income, one makes considerably enough out of bonuses and premiums. Enormous income derives in from investment in land and properties.

Also, all vulnerabilities of one falling into misfortunate circumstances and meeting accidents get ward off. It also resolves all rivalries, including those inherited from generation. It helps one get more disciplined, confers clarity of thoughts, and eradicates causes of depression from their roots out of one’s life. It confers an overall healthiness and a prolonged pleasurable life to a person. It helps one get rid of alcoholism and disturbances.

Influence on Saturn

Out of the association it holds with the planet Saturn, it strengthens its positioning and influences its impact in both the cases when it is positioned in a benefic state as well as when it is positioned in weak or malefic state. It is highly recommended to those who are under the impact of Saade Saati. Saturn, when in a malefic position, is more dreadful than any other planet. The sufferings are immense and intense. It seems as if one is following an unending path full of troubles and miseries. This gemstone provides a relief from all of that. It soothes up Saturn and makes it act more favorable to its wearer.

Things to Remember

The nature of powers which are encompassed within this gemstone does not allow it to get paired with pearl, ruby, or coral gemstones which are comprised of conflicting powers. Therefore, never wear either of them, while you are wearing Blue Sapphire stone.

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