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To be able to understand correctly the human, he must be evaluated with whole dimensions. There are five dimensions of human: The substance, physiological, psychological, reason and moral dimensions. The egoist man in the reason dimension, becomes a true man by passing through a divine education by his God in the moral dimension.

Hello my precious brother,Guest Posting

The human has been created in the just centre of the values in the Universe. He is one of the most honourable of the creatures. He is a precious and respected creature. If we can understand the human in a correct way, it becomes possible to understand a lot of things in a correct way.

There are five existence dimensions of the human.

# Substance Dimension: The human in this dimension isn't different from a wood, stone or soil

The first of these is his "substance" dimension. The human is not a ware consisting of the meat, bone and blood pochette as supposed by some materialists. The part consisting of the meat, bone and blood of the human is his matter. He is not different from other substances when he is evaluated within the scope of this dimension. He can be measured, weighed, and analyzed physically and chemically such as all the other matters. The human is similar to wood, stone or soil, in this dimension. (Please remember our corpse being entombed)

# Physiological Dimension: The whole liveliness events begin in this dimension

The liveliness of the human begins with the physiological dimension. Namely the second dimension of the human is "the physiological events" dimension. This dimension is a dinamic structure as been in all living creatures. There are the energy producing mechanisms on the one hand, and there are the biosentesis mechanisms using this produced energy on the other hand. The transfer of energy is provided by means of the coenzyme ATP (Adenosin tri phosphate) between these two systems. The thousands of various chemicals such as enzymes, coenzymes, chemical group transferors, electron transporters etc. take part in this physiological system. In addition, there is an electrical and hormonal mechamism which controls this physiological structure forward and backward. The human in this dimension is similar to the plants except the nervous system.(Remember the status of a person in coma.)

# Psychological Dimension: This dimension is a dimension that it is established the reciprocal relationship with ecosystem

The third of the existence dimensions of the human is "the psychological events" dimension. This is a dimension that the psychic events begin in the human body. All the psychical phenomena such as attention, perception, memory, association, consciousness, intelligence, sense and excitements, passions take place in this dimension. The human in this dimension is a creature who possesses consciousness. He is aware of his environment. He is in a reciprocal relationship with his periphery. He perceives the effects coming through the sense organs. He processes and interprets these knowledges being obtained. He constitutes concepts from them. He saves and uses them in case of need. The human in this dimension is similar to the animals in many respects. (Remember the case of a man devoid of reason)

# Reason Dimension: This dimension is a dimension that the human gains "personality"

The human is separated from the other animals by the "reason" dimension. This is the fourth dimension of the human. "Reason" is a thinking and deciding mechanism. Only human has reason, animals have not. It is used to form more complicated decisions and judgements from simple premises. Thus, the human doesn't confine himself only to perceive and identify his periphery, but at the same time, he does some analysis, synthesis and commentaries owing to his mind, which these are used for estimating the things to be in future. And he decides and adjudges based on these. These are the features belonging only to the human being, not present at the other animals.

An important changing is observed at both inside and outside of the human existence, after the "reason" becomes a part of the activity, at the fourth dimension. The appearance of this new construction is named as "ego" when it is observed from the inside, and is named as "personality" when it is observed from the outside.

This is a phenomenon that is similar to becoming a "state" of an ethnic people. An ethnic group has got some decision-maker mechanisms after becoming "the state". These organizations take some decisions, establish some rules, legislate some laws in their opinion. And they meet with the positive and negative reactions of the other states by reason of these decisions taken by them. Like this, a human becoming a seperate personality by oneself also lives the same things because of the decisions taken by him. He is a creature that produces ideas, puts forward proposals, and possesses some demands, now. Namely, he possesses volition, opinion and vote; shortly he possesses a "personality". (Remember a man who analyses, synthesises, plans, manages, puts forward some opinions.)

But, at the human who hasn't yet passed through a divine education in this dimension, the commentaries, decisions and judgments occur always under the control of ego, and in the direction of ego's demands, desires and greeds. Because, the human in this dimension is a man that he couldn't know his ego, he couldn't go beyond his ego, he couldn't get rid of his ego and egoism yet. He is an egocentric person yet. The "good" and "bad" concepts are also taken shape according to the ego's desires in this dimension. In other saying, everything being suitable for his private benefit is "good", but everything being adverse to his private benefit is "bad". For this reason, the human in this dimension can never be rid of having a double standard.

# Moral Dimension: This dimension is a dimension that the human becomes a perfect human with the divine education

Ego is the most important cause of every evil and trouble which has befallen. Furthermore, it is exceedingly powerful. The human can be rid of the hegemony of his ego only by help of the Creator, by passing through a divine education. The beginning of this divine education is "the faith". The fifth dimension of the human starts with "the faith". The essential dimension of the human is the fifth dimension that makes the human "a true human" in real meaning of the word. The fifth dimension is the "moral" dimension.

By this divine education, the egoistical "humanistic personality" obtained at the "reason" dimension disappears, and a new "heavenly personality", which decides and adjudges in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator, takes it's place. The man in this new personality always holds the consent of God in front of everything and makes every thing for the sake of God. With this new divine personality, the human is also borne away the peaks of the spiritual maturenesses, which has been vouchsafed to no other living creature at this wold. At this dimension, the "scale" using by the mind also changes. The "divine consent" scale takes the place of the "individual benefit" scale. In this way, the human possesses a good, altruistic and selfless moral character being directed by the Creator, in place of a bad and egoistic moral character being directed by ego.(Remember a mature, gracious, well-mannered human, having a good morale.)

Every thing changes in the life of the human in consequence of passing to the fifth "moral" dimension. The human becomes fine, graceful, decent, truthful, serious, mellow, ripe, tolerant, uncomplaining, helpful, merciful, righteous, gracious, generous, resigned, not hurry and confusion in his works, in such a way that wholly distinct from the previous dimension. Briefly he becomes "a true human". This is a situation that appears on the human in consequence of getting moral values which belonging to God and His prophets, by passing through the divine education. Such a human rising to the fifth dimension is a precious and respected creature, now. The human in this status is the khalif of His God on the world.

# The human rises to the fifth dimension only with "faith"

My Dear Brother,

Of course, to be reached the high character and morality at the fifth dimension by a human is not so much easy. This is a long way, with ups and downs. To be slowly or quickly of the travelling is not important here. A man reachs to the destination early or late when he has gone into this way. The most important matter here is to consent to be educated by his God at first, by abandoning his arrogance and keeping his modesty.

Of course, for this, primarily it is needed to believe to the almighty Creator and to recognize the existence of Him. Most of the humans say: "We believe in God". But the majority is not sincere herein. Whereas there are so much reasons for believing a God who created all the universe and manages it as He wishes...

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