Can Calvinism and Arminianism Coexist?

Nov 11 14:59 2019 Bruce McLaughlin Print This Article

Can modern SBC Calvinism and Traditional Southern Baptist Arminianism coexist in the same denomination?

The co-existence of Calvinism and Arminianism in a single denomination is being orchestrated by SBC upper echelon elite under the guise of peace and unity.  They believe success might be possible but only if a substantial level of ignorance,Guest Posting on the Calvinism/Arminianism issue, is maintained within local church congregations.  They know a church will be fundamentally divided if the congregation repudiates the following items while church leaders embrace them:

  • Given two propositions (event happened) and (God willed event), both are true or both are false for every conceivable event.
  • Regeneration precedes faith because God elected only certain specific persons for salvation.  These persons alone are unconditionally and irresistibly regenerated by the power of the Holy Spirit and subsequently demonstrate repentance, faith and obedience.  The souls of most men, women, children and babies are, upon death, sent to eternal damnation never having had an opportunity for salvation.  God is self glorified as He watches this plan unfold.
  • God is the first-cause of all evil.  All tragedy, suffering, disease, decay, iniquity, corruption, immorality, wickedness and depravity covering the manifold of sin in heaven and earth were decreed by God before anything existed except the Trinity.
  • In eternity past, God unchangeably ordained everything; therefore, your prayers can change the outcome of nothing.

This is not just a cosmetic divide.  It is about diametrically opposed divine personalities.  It is about the very essence of God.  For nearly 500 years theologians have searched for a “consensus accord” and failed.  But a politically correct SBC Committee might boldly endeavor to start with a thesis of Calvinism (God’s will is not thwarted) and the corresponding antithesis of Arminianism (God’s will is thwarted) and, by some Hegelian Dialectic, produce a stunning synthesis, even more clever than positive tolerance, which both sides can embrace.  This committee might have to tweak the principles of logic and reason that have constrained the discussion for half a millennium.  In any case, Traditional Baptists are unlikely to discover a “consensus accord” much different than the one Neville Chamberlain achieved at Munich.  Takeover has been the orchestrated objective of Calvinists since the “conservative revolution” two decades ago.  When a Calvinist pastor takes charge of a Traditional Baptist church and splits it in half, the outcome is not viewed as disruptive or destructive; Calvinists view it as “purification.”

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