Ek Mukhi Rudraksha: The Symbol of Ultimate Truth

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The term 'Rudraksha' has been derived out of the terms of ‘Rudra’ and ‘Aksha’, which defines for the eyes of Lord Shiva. There is a belief that the trees on which these Rudraksha bloom, have been nurtured out of those places where tears from the eyes of Lord Shiva felt. There are different forms of Rudraksha, which are basically distinct on grounds of number of Mukha on skin.

Ek Mukhi Rudraksha,Guest Posting the form with one Mukha, is considered as amongst the most auspicious and most prominent of all the forms. It is the mother of all Rudraksha forms. It is also the most sought after Rudraksha form. It itself is considered to be the form of Lord Shiva, also known as Mahadev and Bholenath. It is considered to be one impeccable symbol of ultimate truth and supreme lord. It is one reliable tool for attainment of eternity. Wearing it washes off the sin which one have attained out of performing Gohatya (cow’s slaughter).

Improves Concentration, Enhances Spirituality

The astrological planet of Sun is associated with it, and the impact of this association gets reflected over a person who wears it. He gains immense radiance and his consciousness awakens beyond limits. His ability to concentrate reaches an altogether superlative level, where one learns to concentrate on any object for longer time. It fulfills all desires of one’s life. Goddess Laxmi resides in those places where this Rudraksha form exists, and as a result of the same, one gets conferred with all comforts, richness, and fortunes.

This Rudraksha form makes one go through a positive change in life. From the state of being intensely involved and lost in materialistic aspects, one shifts to the state of spiritualistic aspects, which eventually makes one get close to God. All the miseries which one have been suffering from out of worldly attachments, and in particularly wealth, get vanished when one wears this Rudraksha. It derives one to the state of absolute perfection.

Confers Status of a King

As already stated, it is extremely auspicious in itself. Its degree of auspiciousness multifold when one possesses it along with pearl, crystal, gold, silver, or coral. With that, a person takes the form of Lord Shiva himself. That is the reason, why many refer it as ‘Ek Alakh King’ and ‘Omkar’. Furthermore, if one chooses to put in devotedness and belief in this Rudraksha form, and offers devoted worships to Lord Shiva, then he gets relieved from poverty and all other sorts of deficiencies. He rises high and higher to eventually acquire the status of a king. It also improves charisma and individuality, increases confidence, and develops leadership qualities. It settles in love and harmony within a family,

Influences Saturn

Besides positively influencing the impact of Sun on a person, it is comprised of divine powers with which it can effectively influence Saturn and its impact. Those who are under the impact of weak or malefic Saturn, and as a result of the same, are going through sufferings and miseries are recommended to have Ek Mukhi Rudraksha form to sway them off.

One should either wear it around neck or should establish it in house. Make sure that in either of those two cases, you only use an energized form of this Rudraksha. Besides deriving the above stated benefits, it also acts positive on physical and mental health of a person. It is considered to be in specifically effective for conferring protection from head related diseases, stroke, paralysis, etc. Other than that, it protects one from the vulnerabilities of suffering from ailments related to right eye, bowel, bones, and ear.

The Rules of Wearing It

First and foremost, ensure to get an energized form only. On any auspicious Monday, wash it with a mixture of un-boiled milk and clean water, apply sandalwood paste, and then offer some fresh flowers. Light up incense sticks in as many numbers as you want. While devotedly chanting the associated Mantra of “Om Namaha Shivaya’, wear it. Recite this mantra for at least 108 times. To derive utmost benefits, one should chant this Mantra on daily basis. Also, one should offer prayers to Rudraksha every day in the morning.

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