Health Benefits of Rudraksha

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Different Rudraksha beads are quite popular as healing tools. They are prominently known for their healing properties, and their abilities to cure different physical and mental health ailments.

Astrology approves for the presence of different forms of Rudraksha beads,Guest Posting which are differentiated on the grounds of number of Mukha (natural lines) present over it. Also, they all have been stated to be different on the aspects of their abilities and their influence on a person. That is also applicable for its healing abilities. Different forms of Rudraksha beads confer distinct health benefits. Most of the time, the nature of those benefits is entirely related to the nature of association which a certain Rudraksha form holds with a certain astrological planet.

Astrology states that when a certain planet is in either weak or malefic state, there are all chances for it to create an adverse impact on the health front. An adverse health influence as created by a certain planet might not be same with the adverse health influence as created by some other planet. Therefore, in a case, where a person is suffering from adverse health impacts due to the malefic or weak state of a certain planet, only wearing a certain form of Rudraksha bead can bring the desired results in the form of curing those ailments.

Different Health Benefits of Rudraksha

1. Stabilizing Three Health Elements: There are three prominent elements which have been found to be the cause of all basic health ailments. They are air, bile, and phlegm. Rudraksha brings all three of them in an appropriate balance.

2. Curing Blood Pressure and Stress: The problems of low or highblood pressure can be effectively cured with it. A Rudraksha bead is believed to be comprised of divine healing powers, with which one attains peace of mind and serenity. It helps one let loose the heat of body and mind, which helps one feel light. One effective remedy for those suffering from blood pressure is that they should drink a glass of milk, with the mixture of ashes of 2 Mukhi Rudraksha and Swarnamachik mixed in equal quantities in it. To get rid of mental problems, including stress, drink a glass of cow milk boiled with Rudraksha. To cure headaches, apply the paste mixture of Rudraksha and sandalwood on forehead.

3. Curing Heart Related Ailments: If you choose to wear a right Rudraksha bead form, then you can attain success in controlling the intensity of your heart related ailments. In case, where one is free from all such problems, wearing them in neck close to heart ensures an extended protection from such problems. Also, if 5 Mukhi Rudraksha form is dipped in a copper pot filled with water on Sunday, one drinks that water next day in the morning with an empty stomach, and repeat the same for a prolonged period, then one certainly never suffers from any sort of heart related problems.

4. Curing Measles: By licking powder of Rudraksha, you can safely andeffectively cure measles and effects of Chicken Pox.

5. Curing Bad Concentration: Bad concentration is one common problem which most of the people suffers from, in either minor or major intensities. Wearing a Rudraksha, in particularly the 4 Mukhi form, has been found to be quite effective in improving concentration, intellect, and communication skills.

6. Curing Skin Diseases: If you are suffering from any sort of skin related problems, then following this remedy can be effective. Dip in a Rudraksha in a copper pot filled with water on a night, and drink that water next day in the morning with an empty stomach. If you suffer from allergy of metals, then applying powder of 3 Mukhi Rudraksha form on naval can be one effective solution. Skin irritations and itchiness can be cured by applying the paste of mixture of Neem and Rudraksha.

7. Curing Injuries, Wounds, and Body Pains: Apply a paste mixture of Tulsi and 9 Mukhi Rudraksha form to ensure quick healing of injuries and wounds. To cure any sort of body pain, apply a mixture of mustard oil and powder of Rudraksha at the vulnerable place.

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