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Look for Joy at a proper place, for Joy's address is known to me. The path is clear, jump right in and see where Joy resides.

"Where can i find joy,Guest Posting Lord?

Does joy have an address?

Is it heaven?

Can I go there?"

"Only if you come with Me, my child.

For I AM joy's address.

Let's walk.

You'll find Me all along the way."

Christian joy, to which the word rejoice is related, is twofold. First, it manifests itself in true happiness, even in the midst of all the "trials and tribulations" that are always encountered in human life, because God's law is the natural foundation for peace, prosperity and contentment - as opposed to sinful pleasures that always result in misery, sooner or later. Secondly, it's a peace of mind from the absolutely certain knowledge that, at the end of it all, glorious eternal life awaits the obedient.

What we learn about this fruit of the Spirit,joy, is that it comes from God, though we may not always see His hand in it. Sometimes we face hardships and trials, and some Christian teens feel like God is not there with them. Yet God wants us to have joy and happiness in our lives. Sometimes we find joy in the most turbulent times, and sometimes joy just finds us. Other times we just need to open our hearts to being joyful.

"But let the godly rejoice. Let them be glad in God's presence. Let them be filled with joy."
Psalm 68:3

The christian faith is the most joyous faith in the world. It is not a type of religion that sees no evil; it sees the evil and recognizes that God, as He did on the cross can turn evil into good. Buddhism looks at life and says: "Life is suffering". Christianity looks at life and says : "Life is suffering - glory hallelujah!"

And be not grieved and depressed, for the joy of the Lord is your strength and stronghold.
Nehemiah 8:10 [AMP]

This scripture is so right! That is one of the reasons that Satan tries os hard to steal our Joy as Christians. It is why so many of us struggle with Christian depression and anxiety disorders.God has given us His joy to be our strength. In the Greek, the original word for strength in that verse meant defense,force,fortress,strength,stronghold, and rock!
Christian joy is supposed to be all of those things for me on a daily basis. If Satan can get me to live a life without joy, it will inevitable be a life without the power to fight good fight of faith. The other key part is that true joy comes from the Lo red. It says that the joy of the Lord is my strength. Any joy that I try to create within myself is always going to be fleeting. I need to depend on my Heavenly Father to be my source of joy. This means I don't have to beat myself up for not having joy. I need to stop and turn my eyes to God, seek His face, and receive a fresh infilling of His Holy Spirit and His JOY!.

This also emphasizes the importance of joy. Of all things, Christian joy is what God says is my strength. When I am denying myself the opportunity to enjoy my life, I am actually disarming myself against the enemy's attacks. I am robbing myself of my ability to fight back by draining my "strength reserves." OF course, life cannot be all fun and games, but there is definitely such a thing as balance!

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