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India due to its supreme greatness got the title of Jagadguru or Guru of the entire world. Super Power Gayatri is the mother of Indian Culture. The message of divine light and aura (Ojas-Tejas-Varchas) of a divine intellect bestowed by this Divine Culture would reach every home. In those times the stature of people’s thinking was so high that it was compared to Brahmaloka or the divine world.

Super Power Goddess Gayatri has given birth not only to you and me but the entire world of animate and inanimate beings. This entire creation and cosmos has emerged from Super Power Goddess Gayatri. It is she who nurtures and nourishes everyone both materially and spiritually,Guest Posting she makes arrangements for our food-water requirements, she gives us crops/herbs, during our trying times full of strife she protects us and she ceaselessly showers on us innumerable blessings and boons. It is hence that she is aptly called the mother of the entire world i.e. she is the World Mother/Jagatmata/Vishwamata.

Instead of futilely arguing regarding theism-atheism, whether God has name-form or not etc yet it is a definite fact that Almighty God who is the divine controlling authority of this gigantic world and cosmos possesses infinite measure of divine energy, is all pervasive and is spread out in all Lokas or worlds. In the form of Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh via the medium of creation, propagation and transformation he has rendered optimally mobile this wheel of world management and governance. In all creatures whether they are conscious or inert, the flow of divine power’s electrical flow is known to vibrate. It is via Brahma that this world has been created. In the cycle of 8.4 million species creatures of various types are born. Lord Vishnu nourishes and nurtures all of them. Lord Mahakal or Mahesh via the act of destruction and transformation renders mobility to this cycle of world creation. Yet the glory of Super Power Goddess Gayatri super cedes all of these since she is the presiding deity of a great-pious intellect and sacred thoughts. Without her grace nothing is possible to achieve. Lest Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesh refuse to act without a great-pious intellect, if they fail to work with each other in optimal tandem, it shall take not even a nanosecond for Mahapralaya or Super World Annihilation to set in. It is hence that we say that from Super Power Goddess Gayatri this cosmos has emerged. It is she who nourishes world creation, controls it aptly, governs it with dexterity and only hence has she been catapulted to the status of a World Mother.

A mother is an unbroken confluence of affectionate love and unswerving faith. From her bosom flows an imperishable stream of love and affection for her beloved children. For her whether her child is vile fraudulent criminal or otherwise he/she is very beloved to the mother. For a child sitting in the lap of its dear mother means attaining joy of the entire cosmos. In her lap awakens unbroken soul energy. Even if we mentally focus on our mother, the stream of love and faith overflows. The bond of love with our mother is so pure and unbreakable that we fail to eulogize it totally. An inspiration emerges in our bosom to render our mother happy and act as per her well meaning wishes. It is hence that great Rishis of yore call Goddess Gayatri a World Mother or Vishwamata. Thus the faith of all of us gets reinstated in her and we then act with an intellect of pious goodwill towards all.

A motherly vision encompasses imbuing the emotions of us children with faith and pious purity. From the image of Goddess Gayatri we must imbibe the inspiration of looking upon all women in the world as our mother just as Arjun of epic Mahabharat fame and Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj had set an example.

On our planet earth the incarnation of Super Divine Power and Energy took place in the form of Vedmata or Mother of Vedas. Via the Super Mantra Gayatri the 4 Vedas manifested that in turn manifested all knowledge and wisdom required by world humanity. Thus Vedmata or Mother of Vedas incarnated on planet earth. In the form of Mother of all gods she got identified as divine radiance and spiritual maturity. The Vedmata or Mother of Vedas which was the creation’s ancient primordial form during the middle era of progress came in front of us as Mother of all gods or Devmata. This era is called Devyuga and Satyuga or the Golden Era. The circumstances of this era was so materially and spiritually prosperous that gloriously rich India of those ancient times was labeled ‘swargadapi gariyasi’ or that it was more nectarine than heaven also. India due to its supreme greatness had become world renowned and thus got the title of Jagadguru or Guru of the entire world. Super Power Gayatri is also the mother of Indian Culture. The message of divine light and aura (Ojas-Tejas-Varchas) of a divine intellect bestowed by this Divine Culture would reach every home and lay person. In those times the stature of people’s thinking process was so high that it was compared to Brahmaloka or the divine world. Great sacred thinking matured in the form of sacred ideals based execution of righteous duties. All around would bloom forth heavenly joy, peace and prosperity.

This very Vedmata or Mother of Vedas and Devmata or Super Power Gayatri is also playing a cosmic role of World Mother or Vishwamata. It is only World Mother or Vishwamata or Super Power Gayatri who can end forever these deadly fearful situations that are being endured by world society today and she has already set about doing so.

Why are Super Power Gayatri called mother? Why are earth and the cow called mothers also? The answer dwells in Shrutis or Upanishads-Vedas: ‘Mata bhumihi putroham prithivyam’ that means earth is my mother and that I am earth’s son. On noting its cosmic sensitive meaning, our mind drips with deep faith. This earth holds all of us. It nourishes and nurtures us. We all sons are equal in her eyes. There no disparity or inequality dwells. All creatures of the world by bathing in earth’s imperishable flow of love, affection etc are rendered happy and contented. Hence she is called mother and is called motherland. People thus rightly offer their deep faith towards her as their beloved mother and the cow truly also is our mother. Via milk equivalent to nectar she nourishes us. Cow urine or Gomutra and cow dung or Gobar is used as medicine. After death too, the cow leaves behind its skin for us to use as leather. This much is not given to us also by our own mother who gives us birth. It is hence that our great Rishis have worshiped the cow and called her Gomata or Mother Cow.

In our Divine Culture not only the cow, Gayatri and earth but that every female on earth is addressed as ‘mother’. Hence they are respected with the sacred viewpoint of ‘Pardareshu matruvat’. It means that all women are our mother.

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