How Can I achieve Spiritual Enlightenment -Quickest Method

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What is the fastest method to achieve spiritual enlightenment.  Read on and discover how to awaken a state of bliss in you and then ride that bliss all the way to spiritual enlightenment.

A lot of people are asking "What is the quickest method to spiritual enlightenment? How can I achieve enlightenment in the shortest amount of time?"

To look at how you can achieve spiritual enlightenment,Guest Posting you first need to understand the essence of eastern philosophy and religion.

The essence of all eastern philosophy and religion is that suffering comes from being focused on the ego, the sense of an individual separate "I"

By remaining focused on this "me" with all of its desires, fears and problems, you lose touch with the infinite peace, bliss and love that exists beyond the ego as the absolute.

Spiritual enlightenment really is freedom from yourself. So the more concerned you are with your problems, needs and desires, the more locked into what is actually keeping you from achieving spiritual enlightenment.

That is why all Yogas (all paths to realizing spiritual enlightenment)have to do with focusing away from the ego.

Bhakti Yoga focuses on God through devotion. Karma Yoga focuses on serving others. Kriya Yoga focuses on prana using breathing techniques just to name a few. All of these different paths to achieving spiritual enlightenment deal with focusing outside of yourself.

By focusing outside of the personal you, you begin to experience life beyond ego. Your self importance begins to diminish and your awareness expands. You begin to taste the peace and bliss that really is your natural state.

While western philosophy places it's importance on the individual person through self analysis and self improvement, eastern teaching points to dropping all of this to focus on that which is beyond ego.

Even western philosophy agrees that you become whatever you focus on.

So if you are focused on "my problems, my desires," then this will be your world.

But if your focus was totally on the absolute, then the absolute would be your world.

Saying this, then the fastest and most direct method achieving spiritual enlightenment would be to completely focus on a technique that awakens in you the experience of peace, bliss and then to focus so completely on this bliss that there is no room for you as an ego to exist.

Someone coming from a western perspective meditates and tastes the bliss but goes no further than the experience "I am blissful, I have bliss."

But if you were to be so humbly devoted to that bliss that it consumes you, then you would become that bliss, or rather, you would melt into the bliss, you would realize the truth that bliss is what you are.

The technique is not so important as long as it awakens the bliss

that exists beyond yourself.

And once that bliss is there, completely immerse yourself in it. Do not try and grab the bliss, but rather give yourself completely to it.

And when you get caught up in your thinking, come back to the technique and awaken the bliss again.

So at first you maybe doing the technique and experiencing the bliss for a short amount of time and then having to go back to the technique. But in time, you can more and more be completely immersed in the bliss for long periods of time without the need for the technique to keep you there.

So really the quickest method to enlightenment is to awaken a state of bliss and then let yourself completely dissolve in it. To allow it to completely consume you.

You cannot do this a little bit. It is not something you do half way. Let your mind get involved in any way and you will miss it. Leave all judgements and doubts and have complete faith.

While many are busy analysing all techniques methods and teachers, there is a woman with nothing but the clothes on her back who sits by a river somewhere in India chanting one word repeatedly that to her means the absolute.

She may have no education, no understanding about eastern philosophy. Really, she has nothing but that name to repeat.

And simply by repeating the name over and over in complete devotion, she realizes spiritual enlightenment.

Rather than looking to get bliss she gave herself to bliss

and so for her spiritual enlightenment was inevitable.

It is all about attention. If you can give your attention completely to the experience of bliss, then bliss will become your life. It is this one pointed attention on bliss that is the quickest method to spiritual enlightenment.



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