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Jul 14


Iqra Quran Tutoring

Iqra Quran Tutoring

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Like everything else, technology has changed the way we used to learn new things. It is no longer difficult to learn a language, a skill, a course or anything else for that matter. People are using Internet now more than traditional resources for learning purposes. People are quick to respond to these changes and have come up with exciting idea that not only benfit and provide value to end users but also take full advantage of the earning opportunities that come with using technology. One such idea is that of the online Quran Institutes that provide online Quran education.


Iqra Quran Tutoring is the leading online Quran & Arabic Institute offering services since 2008. The Institute was incepted with the core aim of helping Muslims around the world to learn Quran & Arabic in the comfort of their homes. Within just a few years,Learn Quran Online from Certified Tutors | Kids & Adults Articles it made its mark due to high standards of professionalism and highly qualified tutors. The company is now known for its high quality services. Its tutors include Islamic scholars from well known universities of Egypt and Pakistan. They offer 1 on 1 online classes and courses that fulfil the needs of kids, adults, beginners, intermediate and advanced level students.

Online Quran Courses Offerings

Iqra Quran Tutoring offers a number of courses to cater to students of all ages and levels. It has specialized tutors for every age group and course. Kids & complete beginners can learn Noorani Qaida to learn the basics of Arabic. Noorani Qaida is the building block which teaches Arabic alphabets, how to form words, Arabic signs & symbols and their role, Tajweed rules etc. It is an absolute pre-requisite for starters. Similarly, intermediate and advanced level students can go for other courses to improve their Quran recitation, correct Tajweed mistakes and enhance fluency. Most of these online institutes offer the following courses.

  • Noorani Qaida Course
  • Quran recitation withTajweed Course
  • Quran translation course
  • Quran memorization course
  • Arabic language course

Benefits of Online Quran Classes for Kids

Online Quran classes have many benefits over on campas classes. The following are some of the benefits it provide to kids.

  • Kids get uninterrrupted attention from tutors as the classes are one to one.
  • Parents can monitor their kids and their progress anytime.
  • Kids can learn at their own pace and convenient schedule.
  • They don't have to go out of their homes to learn Quran

Benefits of Online Quran Classes for Kids

Adults are even greater beneficiaries of online Quran classes. The number one hurdle that prevents them from learning the Qur'an is their busy schedule. They often times don't get the time for long commutes. Another thing that comes in the way of their learning the Quran is the absence of a good qualified tutor. An online Quran institute is the solution to both these problems. Adults get the following advantages when they choose to learn Quran online.

  • They don't have to do long commutes.
  • They can learn at their own schedul.
  • They have the freedom to choose a teacher of their choice.
  • They can go for a course according to their preference and learning requirements.

Iqra Quran Tutoring has made it extremely easy to learn Quran. With the help of the latest softwares, the classes are very effective for both kids and adults. Students can schedule their classes according to their convenience and learn at their own pace. They offer 3 free trial sessions to let students evaluate the tutors and services.