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Who are the souls of HH Gurudeva’s being? They are all those who are conjoined to his cosmic body of divine wisdom. In this are included every person of the class of volunteers, readers of Akhand Jyoti Magazine, any ordinary layman joining all programs of the mission in some form or the other, all those influenced by the great personality and activities of Gurudeva due to visiting book fairs-exhibitions and all those who have joined Gayatri Tirth Shantikunj, Brahmavarchas research institute, Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya (University) etc







Ceaseless teaching/guidance has been the extremely important specialty of HH Gurudeva Shriram Sharma’s life. He kept himself far away from all attractions,Guest Posting media glare, advertisements etc and instead used all his precious time in molding people. At the root of all that he attained from his revered Gurudeva and success in molding the form of ‘Yug Nirman Yojana’ on the basis of executing very difficult austerities, has definitely been his Sankalpa or powerful mental resolve. He became an ideal disciple of his Guru, became Taponisht (one immersed in difficult austerities) and Vedmurti (master of Vedic literature). This is his direct Sidhi or success. Whatever he attained in the form of a precious key was handed over to his beloved disciples and representatives called the very souls of his being. With its medium he showed that if you walk on this path you shall definitely attain the true goal.


Via the artistic method of ‘one eye of loving affection and one eye of tough disciplining’ pertaining to his experiential teaching based on difficult penance, is an example of how a gigantic organization is set up. How the organization must be watered and given fertilizers and how a pause less sequence of selflessly serving volunteers joining this organization is set up. On Gayatri Jayanti Day (2nd June 1990) by taking Mahasamadhi by warding off the bondage of the gross physical body our revered Gurudeva becoming more subtly all pervasive via the subtle and causal bodies of his created certain substratum on the axis of which is standing loftily with head held high in glory the All World Gayatri Family. Do try and understand the main axis of this special teaching and guidance.



HH Gurudeva Shriram Sharma in one letter has said very clearly to ‘the souls of my very being’ who joined his divine mission to read it daily at least once. He has also requested that all those positively influenced by his resolves, who have faith in his decisions must not only read them but must always make due effort to put them into practice in daily life. In this booklet all those aspects have been spoken of that are very necessary for the very thinking, great character, social behavior and art of living day to day life.



At first itself Gurudeva Shriram Sharma writes that: Although these inner feelings are mine, they are being written too by my 3 fingers yet the program that is being designed, is about to be executed do not think that these fingers, papers or pen shall fulfill it to completion. In fact to actually execute it is the responsibility of all of you who are my unswerving steadfast volunteers. In management the most important thing is called ‘power of delegating’ or handing over responsibilities to others aptly. Hence HH Gurudeva says to his disciples that the first responsibility of all of them is to do things first themselves as guided by Gurudeva. Just because I am writing all this it does not mean all of you sit action less and silent because all this shall have to be thoroughly done by all of you volunteers. Until the souls of Gurudeva’s being by looking upon all this as their prime responsibility do not take up the task of actually putting into action the program designed by him the disciples’ well being shall not see fulfillment.

Who are the souls of Gurudeva’s being? They are all those who are conjoined to his cosmic body of divine wisdom. In this are included every person of the class of volunteers, readers of Akhand Jyoti Magazine, any ordinary layman joining all programs of the mission in some form or the other, all those influenced by the great personality and activities of Gurudeva due to visiting book fairs/exhibitions and all those who have joined Gayatri Tirth Shantikunj, Brahmavarchas Research Institute, Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya (University), Gayatri Tapobhumi Mathura, Akhand Jyoti Sansthan, Yug Tirth Anvalkheda and more than 4,000 Prajna Institutes spread out not only in India but the entire world. The body has fingers, nails, veins, joints and muscles. All these together constitute a physical body. HH Gurudev Shriram Sharma looked upon everyone as a unit of his gigantic cosmic body. Every one initiated by him, those who are his well wishers and the wise intellectual class are the souls of his being. In this booklet he says that: This program is being written by every pore and nerve of the head and heart. Not only is this being written but that arrangements are being made to actually complete it successfully. It maybe that paper and pen may no longer remain. Even if the fingers do not remain yet this missionary task shall never stop. Along with every particle of blood and atom of the brain is at work that divine power/authority that cannot be perceived by our gross physical eyes. This divine power is working in a subtle unseen manner.



This commandment given to us by Gurudeva is so important that it’s profound serious must be understood in a correct context. The entire form of fulfilling this program has already been carved out hence why should any of us worry? We must only listen to the divine speech of Yogeshwar Shri Krishna in the Bhagwad Geeta (11/33): ‘Nimitta matram bhava savya sachin’ (All these valiant warriors have already been killed beforehand by me O Savya Sachin or ambidextrous Arjun! Hence you must merely become my medium or instrument. The other important point to note is that ‘this program shall definitely see successful completion’ and this is positive thinking. We must never think negatively with despair. All that is definitely about to happen, that destiny especially wishes to execute.



Which program are we talking about? What is its form and nature? This is the program of Era Transformation called Yug Nirman Yojana and Thought Revolution Campaign. The program is gigantic and is as big as its name called Era Transformation. Those who truly and profoundly imbibe the deep meaning of these worlds shall definitely get glorified. Innumerable programs and schemes are designed and take shape yet they are at the worldly and material level only. In it the percentage of failure is much more. Our program is that of Almighty God in order to transform this era in the 21st century and a transformation shall set in the psyche of every world human. HH Gurudev Shriram Sharma too lived a life of this great stature. After setting up Gayatri Tapobhumi (Mathura, India) in 1953 he proclaimed that the campaign of Satyuga or Golden Era returning is represented by the campaign of Yug Nirman Yojana. In this movement of Era Transformation millions of people shall contribute in a big way. Transformation shall not be restricted to merely some special class of society or some particular country but that it shall encompass the entire world and era. This is a revolutionary Rishi Sankalpa or powerful psychic resolve of world cultural neo awakening. None can stop this endeavor’s success. Many great people shall participate in it on a war footing. It could be that some shall get due credit for it. And yet this shall be just fate oriented. We must not run after amassing credit for this great task carried out but must labor religiously to see to it that the mission succeeds to the last letter. This teaching is based on Gurudeva’s Karma Yoga of inner detachment. Only then shall the speed of these activities quicken in pace. It is only then that the seemingly impossible to achieve Bhagirath task of Era Neo Creation become possible. 



Gurudeva tells his unswerving volunteer members-the souls of his very being that they must read again and again, understand the role they have to play and change one’s lifestyle accordingly with reference to the program designed on the basis of which the campaign of Era Transformation shall climb various ladders. Why is this most required? The reason is that the largest and greatest contribution must be made by the souls of his very being. Their time, hard labor, means and capabilities fully are going to be used for this great mission. In order that all these precious qualities do not get frittered away in worldly selfish gains revered Gurudeva is trying to caution us that one thing must definitely be understood by us all that it is only when all of us unite together cooperatively that the creation of that great saintly cosmic personality takes place whom we call Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya who is writing these sentences. It is hence that he calls us all his units. After being given such superb credit our daily lifestyle should be in accordance with that lived by this great saint. The qualities of his were those of a true Brahmin, simplicity, a large hearted soul, deep profound thinking and immense compassion towards all. He questions us whether we are ready to take up this great responsibility? It is for us to answer this question satisfactorily.

Now a question can arise in anyone’s mind as to how this great task can get fulfilled? How can we lead it to apt completion? While merely constructing our house we perspire profusely hence how can we shoulder the gigantic task of Era Transformation? One knows not how many volunteers shall be required for this, how many means shall be required and at what level the help of big personalities of high stature shall be required? Regarding this Gurudeva says: All of you need not worry regarding the above. This is because the one who has ordained us to execute all this shall definitely amass all means for carrying out this great divine mission. You all must think only about one thing and that is how each one of you will compete with one another in putting in greatest effort and harboring a sense of self surrender for this mission.



This is the root axis of Gurudeva’s commands that is the gist of Bhagwad Geeta and its main voice. Do not worry at all. Leave this worry to that divine existence who has carved this cosmic gigantic mission. This in fact is the hour of the great festival of a historical world transformation. Such auspicious moments arrive only after millions of years pass by. The means for this mission too shall be given by this divine controlling authority and all directions too shall be God’s. Yes! We must keep in mind that with an attitude of healthy competition in the field of sacred ideals we run the race of running ahead of each other. There are 2 precepts to be imbibed viz. more and more hard labor and self surrender based on one unswerving attitude. Those who pass the test of these 2 precepts, who shall march ahead ceaselessly, shall definitely attain special blessings of the supreme divine authority. This divine authority shall make arrangements of means that shall be rendered operational by such people who shall not shy away from hard work, shall ceaselessly immerse themselves in Karma Yoga and with steadfast one pointed attitude shall surrender their very being for this great mission. The success of any organization is dependent on these 2 precepts.



When HH Gurudeva Shriram Sharma talks of self surrender he directly gives an example of Lord Hanuman. His historical data says that when he conjoined to a gigantic power he got credit of successfully executing all important tasks. On this very basis he expects from all of us that we become in no lesser manner of the stature of Lord Hanuman. In our sacred tasks we should never lag behind as far as putting in intense effort and self sacrifice is concerned. If we observe deeply the resolve of God is to correct that which is tainted (Sambhavami Yugey Yugey), Rishi consciousness interprets it, places before us all the means of the subtle and gives us due capability of using the same aptly. Lest we read his directions we shall understand that our journey commencing from a miniscule level shall widen and become as widespread akin to travelling from the small Gangotri glacier to the huge Ganga Sagar or ocean. The way to function for this end shall be very much like that carried out by Lord Hanuman. The biggest special quality of Lord Hanuman has been his sense of total self sacrifice and focused surrender.



When we imbibe the attitude of self surrender it must continue without pausing. When a wife surrenders to her husband her name, clan and future conjoins to her husband. Her surrender is indeed marvelous. Although we have conjoined to our Guru existence, sometime or the other we have resolved to imbibe his ideals in day to day living, our life has changed because of influence of his great thoughts, in the social arena too we are succeeding uninterrupted and yet why is it that the level of intensity of our self sacrifice is not of the stature possessed by Lord Hanuman? For all of us this should be a topic of self introspection. Not only this, the continuity of self surrender must be ceaseless and must go on right till our last breath. Why choose Hanuman only? Why not someone else? Hanuman is the one and only disciple of Lord Shri Ram. He is a direct example of how to walk on the path of righteousness with daring and farsighted discrimination. Hanuman was influenced only by Shri Ram and never by Kalnemi. Hanuman says: Ram kaj kinhey bina, mohi kahan vishram. In this divine mission why should we even think of rest, holiday or going on retreat? If we do so maybe our self surrender is weak or else we are not truly focused on self study and self introspection. The Guru existence is trying to make us alert at this point.



Further ahead Gurudeva Shriram Sharma says that: As to what task needs to be taken up, regarding this time and again directions shall be given. Previously too he has said that: It does not matter whether the fingers that write remain or not, yet know for sure the mission shall go on uninterrupted. Hence do not think that since Gurudeva has shed his mortal coil we shall not get guidance from him. His divine consciousness shall guide us ceaselessly. At least let us get ready to imbibe these divine vibrations. Let us make the penance of our life more intensely radiant. He writes that: Tasks may get fulfilled, may remain incomplete or may change too. It means that do not worry if the role and tasks handed over to us change or that as per demands of time some changes are seen in the mission’s program. All of us are the very souls of Gurudeva’s divine existence and let this united form appear in front of the entire world. The entire All World Gayatri Family is one, united and may this form be seen by one and all. Lest someone is requested humbly to quit a trustee’s post or that someone is shifted to another zonal area to look after the mission’s activities there, none should get agitated or perturbed by all this. Let us not look at this mission’s tasks as merely work but that it should be looked upon as sacred service for world welfare. This certainly is not a government planned program. In fact it is God’s divine mission. Revered Gurudeva is telling us all: Even if the task is breaking up let it happen, but please do not taint the bond and relationship that you share with others. We must have deep faith in this advice of his. A good powerful organization is one which works with a sense of united oneness with each other. Its true wealth is cooperation with one another and trust between all members. There are innumerable spiritual organizations yet the ceaseless journey of progress of All World Gayatri Family is mind boggling. Its key lies in the fact that all of us are the very souls of the Guru’s divine existence.



Gurudeva Shriram Sharma says that while carrying out various tasks (individual spiritual practice, regional programs, giving discourses, managing the Ashram, managing the Shaktipitha, magazine publicity, Wisdom Yajnas, the spiritual practice of creating our own family, various types of social service and contacting the lay public) we must remember at least one thing that is the attitude of self surrender with which we joined revered Gurudeva increasing or not on a daily footing? In no arena should any lack be noted. Self surrender should increase daily and this is what Gurudeva expects from all of us. It is just not his command but that it is the prime duty of all of us to see to it that since we have surrendered our all to him each moment must be lived for him. What is generally seen is that initially when we join this mission with enthusiasm we feel like carrying out innumerable tasks yet as time lapses by this zest starts weakening a lot. This is a subject for the ‘Management of the Organization’ to see that if either someone does not get required facilities or getting influenced by what others say their sentiments of faith are getting hurt or not. The task of augmenting deep faith has to be executed ceaselessly by every soul of Gurudeva’s being.



Further Gurudeva writes that: Do understand the cosmic nature of this mission. Even if the target does not reach the goal yet it shall at least definitely reach that region which can be called wondrous, incomparable, extraordinary and historical. How wonderful is this proclamation? Our Gurudeva is motivating us and is increasing our enthusiasm saying that the task is gigantic yet keep in mind that even if it is so huge yet we shall definitely complete it. Although we must be clear about this determination yet along with it we must keep up our ‘fitness’ levels too in tandem with its cosmic nature. Many radiant advanced souls and organizations shall join this gigantic program in future times to come. Hence we must all gear up for this in readiness. Do not worry if the task is not done fully. It is great even if we come somewhere near the goal. Even this shall be an extraordinary achievement.



Previously too he has promised us yet again he says: No doubt gigantic means are required for this mission. Yet place its burden on the divine controlling existence. Many a times from the standpoint of means required we start comparing ourselves to others. The Guru existence is saying do not worry about this. Keep ready your goal and showcase your potential to execute this task. Means shall come to you unasked, on their own. This is because the divine existence itself who is managing and directing this sacred program. Whatever shall be required shall be made available. Whatever is not required by the divine existence shall be given as time passes by as per God’s orders lest the mission requires it. For example if someone thinks lest such an arrangement was made we could have done this or that and so on. Time is lapsing by. At that time we have to convince ourselves that no lack should be noted in our intense hard work and yet if some particular arrangement is not available then instead of lamenting over it the task should be augmented with whatever limited means are available. Gurdeva Shriram Sharma says you must ensure only that no lack enters your honest hard labor time inner qualities activities and character. Do not think about rest. Think only this much as to how much we can contribute with a sense of self sacrifice and stay ahead in our sacred task. Think humbly and feel glorious in calling yourself a volunteer. In this lies your greatness. All these precepts are even greater guides than even Upanishads for any volunteer.



 If anyone wants to become a volunteer and wishes to march ahead on the path of selfless service to the world, this word is a sure shot key. Spiritual evolution too is possible to achieve on the basis of this axis. All Sidhis and success is attained on this very basis. Our honest hard labor, inner sacred qualities, activities and character must reform more and more in a continuous manner. Never should we think that we have done a lot so let us rest now. (Gurudeva has already given us the example of Lord Hanuman previously). If we wish to examine as to who has actually progressed there is only one test and that is who is marching ahead from the standpoint of hard work, self surrender and zeal put in. how much has he/she advanced as far as imbibing humility and ego free mind is concerned? How much is such a one giving respect to those who are senior and showering affectionate love on those who are his/her juniors? Those who are ready to become volunteers must honor and respect just about everybody. But those who wish to strut about in a bossing manner can never lead in the spiritual realm and never progress as a true volunteer. Although our dignity must remain alive yet anger, incitement and wrath must never seep into our character. In fact a person is truly great only to the extent he/she is more and more humble.



HH Gurudeva Shriram Sharma tells the souls of his very being: Do not think of your tiredness and comforts. Do not harbor an ego if you have succeeded in some task but think only as to of how high in stature can we render our sacred thinking, zeal and hard work? How far can we dive? This then is the fiery test you have to pass. In any selfless worker and volunteer’s life 2 paths come face to face. One is that since the burden of work is too much he experiences tiredness. But when we work with a feeling of true self surrender it becomes our spiritual practice. Then tiredness disappears totally. I know so many member volunteers of this organization who despite working ceaselessly for 18 hours at a stretch do not experience fatigue. If self sacrifice is true, never should one feel listless and tired. In many areas there are selfless volunteers at work who in order to render widespread the divine thoughts of the Guru do not bother whether day or night has passed by and hence for them there are no Saturdays, Sundays or any other holidays. For them all days are the same. Yes! If bodily health weakens they by undergoing medical check-ups definitely follow medical advice and take medicines prescribed yet generally tiredness is much less of the body but much more of the mind and brain. This should never happen.



Attraction and our demands for facilities give us problems. So many yearnings entire our minds like lest my office was of this type, lest I owned my own computer, lest I had my own car etc. No doubt these appear in the psyche very naturally. Thus it is for us to draw our own lines. We must demarcate as to what our basic needs are, of how much measure it is and in what minimal measure can the mission’s task be executed in a simple living high thinking manner akin to a true Brahmin. Do not mix up personal comforts and requirements needed for the mission’s activities. Keep self introspecting as to whether the yearning for attaining comforts is overwhelming our minds or not. Further Gurudeva says that whatever you can do not become egoistic about it. In fact egoistic behavior is the biggest foe of any true volunteer. We are the souls of that Guru divine existence who never boasted that he has done so much which others could not achieve. Thus does it look good that we behave arrogantly? The fact that we become egoistic means we are insulting other volunteer members. The most important role to play is to act with joyful hard work imbued with zealous deep thinking. In it we shall always be tested. If our thinking is of high great stature then minor problems shall never render us stressful. If our minds are focused on our activities then we shall be worry free because it is our Guru’s and thus our very own mission. Our Guru says that honest hard work is the spiritual practice pertaining to our body. In it never should there be any deficiency. Never should even erroneously we look upon those working honestly as lowly or small in stature.

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