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Every day you must ask yourselves 4 questions that are we erring or not. Has our body, mind and social behavior been influenced? Previously HH Gurudeva has already spoken of hard work and inner zeal. Zeal is synonymous with deep meditation. Self sacrifice and renunciation means detachment from results and fruits of actions executed. One must totally renounce all types of attachments. No doubt what is required for daily household smooth functioning must be executed. Egoless attitude is like that of a humble servant. 


Gurudeva Shriram Sharma says that in this lies your glory and success of yourself surrender. Do not allow the true faith of your fellow workers decrease. In fact see to it that faith of all increases by leaps and bounds. Your attitude of self surrender shall be measured and valued on whether you are actually putting into practice all that has been said above. It shall not be gauged on the basis of wealth,Guest Posting material means and charity. The biggest gift to be offered at the lotus feet of the Guru is our illusory limited ego ‘I’. Gurudeva writes that ceaselessly help augment the faith of your co workers and never in a demonic way allow it to decrease even a wee bit. In the spiritual arena it is most important that we truly understand this precept. In politics, social systems and other organizational tasks reviews, allegations, criticisms etc are noted. But in the spiritual realm one increases each others’ zest by embracing one and all lovingly. Faith augmentation goes on without pause. Lest some co worker is erring efforts must be made to aid augmenting of his faith. On the spiritual path such obstacles do crop up that our faith starts shaking. But as Gurudeva says: O Child! Look at me and not this world. The more you look at me the more you shall visualize the Himalaya Mountains of great ideals. You must always climb on it. The biggest effort in the Guru’s task is to ceaselessly help augment faith of your co workers, other disciples of your Guru etc for the task of Era Neo Creation.



In the following 10th precept revered Gurudeva says: Always remember that in the days to come the mission’s activities shall increase gigantically. In fact it shall become manifold. Your high stature alertness and zeal shall be most required for this. While reading these lines all member readers shall experience that in this journey of 26 years spanning from 1984 to 2010 the mission has increased in size humongous. The sequence of national unity conferences, Deep Yajnas etc had already commenced in the presence of Gurudeva. After he shed his mortal coil under the leadership of HH Revered Mataji in the Divine Culture Digvijay Campaign efforts of gigantic stature were made, a chain of Sanskar Festivals was set rolling and by and by the thought flow of International Gayatri Family reached millions of people. The HQ at Shantikunj, Haridwar, Gayatri Tapobhumi and Yug Tirth-Anvalkheda too expanded gigantically. These are attainments in the decade spanning 1990 to 2000 AD. Between the years 2001 to 2010, the mission has spread out deeply in youth power. Dev Sanskriti or Divine Culture University was then established. The research activities of Brahmavarchas Research Institute reached peaks of progress in newer realms. So many youngsters joined this mission. Units like ‘Yuva Mandal’, ‘Youth Group’ (GPYG) and ‘Diya’ movements became active everywhere. This was a very important campaign. The spreading out of Divine Culture University or Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya the world over, the widespread nature of Shantikunj and its organization are rendering true the prophecy of Gurudeva who had said that the mission’s activities shall augment n fold.



Gurudeva says that zeal of such high stature is required which on gauging shall render your psyche self fulfilled experientially. The Guru existence should overflow with joy and the inspiring existence should render you so much with soul oneness akin to Hanuman brimming in Rampanchayatan too had entered. This is such a wonderful high stature motivation. Alert zealousness should be full of a powerful resolve and on joining with sense organ control becomes infinite fold more intense. (Shraddhavan labhatey jnanam tatparaha sainyatendriyaha). Bhagwat Geeta’s (4/39) zeal is such that is full of zest and that does not allow even a minor delay in the task reaching successful completion. Alert zeal should be that akin to Lord Hanuman’s. It was hence that along with Ram, Seeta and all 4 brothers Hanuman too got entry. We must experience such oneness of soul with our Guru, with his mission each moment of our life. We have to carry out such tasks on seeing which our Guru brims with divine ecstasy. We must never even think whether the media industry has noted our work or that it has been appreciated by others or not. Our self surrender to the Guru must reach pinnacles of astounding heights.



In the 11th precept Gurudeva tells us about daily spiritual practice and selfless service. Regularly we must question our inner soul as to whether some error has crept into what we could have achieved, has lethargy and indolence entered silently in our psyche and that whether they have had the opportunity to enter our daily tasks. This then is the daily spiritual practice of life. By ceaselessly carrying out self introspection, watching our minds very closely, executing spiritual practice of divine soul wisdom our errors and taints get washed off. What are these mistakes? The 1st is lethargy and indolence. These generally are not easily noted yet it can devour any disciple or volunteer akin to white ants. The 2nd error is the egoistic attitude that says ‘I am the greatest’. My task is much greater than that given to others. This not only creates a downfall of the volunteer but that it hurts the organization in a big way. Gueudeva writes: Check whether some obstruction has not come in the way of self discipline. Examine minutely whether the ego of believing that one’s own service is much greater than others has raised its hoods or not in a very slinky slimy hidden manner. It is lack of discipline and unruly behavior that destroys any organization. We must remain truly disciplined with reference to those sacred ideals due to which we had joined our Guru’s mission. Egoistic attitude is like that deadly wine which on entering our brain renders it blind in an inebriated manner. In politics this is believed to be an ‘asset’ yet in the spiritual and selfless service realm it proves to be highly destructive. HH Gurudeva has written 2 important letters which all of us must read even if we are not volunteer members. These are titled ‘The superiority of spirituality is heavily dependent on humility’ and ‘Yugshilpi volunteers must save themselves from the heinous poison of arrogant egoistic behavior’. Lest all organizations on reading this imbibe this golden advice then innumerable ideas relating to nation building shall succeed in their endeavor. 



Ultimately in the 12th precept as a promise he proclaims that this cosmic mission shall definitely attain glorious fulfillment. None should ever doubt this. This in fact is a divine world campaign. None can stop it. This is a plan from the divine subtle world for transformation of world humanity. We have to tell this to ourselves again and again and thus understand it deeply. Yet Gurudeva cautions us that at this hour of a fiery test our body, mind and behavior should not get perturbed in any way. High stature tasks are always carried out by high stature great personalities. One attains high stature when we ooze with honest hard work, mental focus, zeal, self sacrifice and an egoless attitude full of humility. Your high inner stature should never diminish while carrying out high level programs. This term ‘fiery test’ which has been used previously must be deeply thought over by all of us. This is a task akin to passing a test by walking in fire. Without going through it the grace of the Guru cannot be attained by the disciple.



If we wish to become high in stature we must pass 4 types of tests:

1)      Honest hard work

2)      Mental focus with zeal

3)      Self sacrifice and renunciation

4)      Egoless nature full of humility


Every day you must ask yourselves 4 questions that are we erring or not. Has our body, mind and social behavior been influenced? Previously Gurudeva has already spoken of hard work and inner zeal. Zeal is synonymous with meditation. Self sacrifice and renunciation means detachment from results and fruits of actions performed. One must totally renounce all types of attachments. No doubt what is required for daily household smooth functioning must be executed. Egoless attitude is akin to that of a humble servant. Only then shall renunciation set in our minds. If we succeed in passing these 4 tests then Gurudeva further says: Steps are being taken ahead on the basis of this trust and expectation from you all. None should lag behind which could lead to a lot of repentance later. We must remember that we are manifestations of a great saint lineage and tradition. Our Guru is imbuing full faith in us. His mission shall definitely get fulfilled. Even if we do not take it up others shall definitely succeed in it. It should not happen that we cry in repentance later. It should not happen that we get trapped merely in superficial rites and rituals. Do we visualize Era Transformation or not? Have we raised our stature higher in Gurudeva’s eyes? We must answer this question to ourselves.

Via these utterances in ‘To the very souls of my being’ HH Gurudeva has given a commandment to all volunteers, members and mission workers what they should do and what they should abstain from. The more we try to understand this profoundly the more true self surrender shall bloom forth in our character. Era Transformation shall definitely take place and know this for sure. In order to march ahead in this direction so as to well define our role in it this discourse has been placed in front of all just before the Centenary Celebrations commence. By studying it deeply we shall get divine energy to walk the path laid down by revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya.

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