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A small white church sits at the edge of townSome people said why don't you tear it ... all, the ... is only three or fourYou might as well close the church ... few saints, faithf

A small white church sits at the edge of town
Some people said why don't you tear it down
After all,Guest Posting the congregation is only three or four
You might as well close the church door

These few saints, faithful to the Lord
Kept the door open though they could barely afford
To pay the preacher, the utilities and the rest
They gave from their hearts their very best

To the Lord in heaven they knelt in prayer
And committed Ward Memorial church to His care
He saw their faithfulness and began to bless
And increased the congregation, I do confess

Brother Joe became their preacherman
He was widely known as a Jesus fan
The church grew and grew and grew
The Lord added daily, sometimes one sometimes two

Faith and commitment to Christ the King
Makes the heavens rejoice and the angels sing
Ward Memorial is spreading the Good News
And the Lord is rapidly filling the pews

This poem is a tribute to those faithful few
And to the Lord who makes all things new
May Ward Memorial continue to be a light
And draw others to Jesus who makes things right.

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