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This article serves to make the reader aware of the lack of spiritual growth in American culture due to over-reliance in modern science.

Because the modern age is mesmerized by the wonders of science,Guest Posting it’s  difficult for unproven information to be recognized as having any value to industrialized societies.  Scientific investigation is the process by which all theories must pass through.  Unfortunately science can account for only a small amount of the universal truth.  Much information exists outside of the domain of science.  This includes everything to do with the afterlife.  In fact, science does not even acknowledge life after death.  “True” scientists will not touch this subject.   They prefer to leave it to religion and philosophy.  It’s a shame that we as a society have chosen to limit ourselves to what science can accomplish.  We have only succeeded in boxing ourselves in.

What is most difficult in obtaining information on the afterlife is that we are in our physical bodies.  This sets up a road block to obtaining the information we that we most need.  The majority our direct knowledge concerning life after death comes from mediums, those who have had near death experiences, and sometimes those who have had out of body experiences.  Many people consider these reports to be reliable.  Even when we hear from channeled spirits, the information we receive from them is more often unclear.  This is partially because of the limitations of human language.  Spirits do not necessarily speak English or any other known language.  They communicate mentally or telepathically.  Because the sender’s message is immediately known to the receiver, there is never any doubt as to the sender’s meaning.  The English language on the other hand is confusing and awkward.  The spirits must contend with its substantial limitations.  They must dig to find words we will understand.

The composition and nature of the spirit world cannot be expressed in any human language.  It is so unfamiliar to us that it cannot be described in words.  At least that’s what I gather from my studies.  How can one explain or describe something that does not even remotely resemble anything we know in the physical world.  Humans are used to relying on their experience to interpret something new.  Since we have no experience with nonphysical reality, we are at a loss.  I’m sure one day that will change.

In America, the existence of the afterlife is suppressed.  People are scared to talk about death.  People are unintentionally encouraged to fear death.  Even churches are afraid to take this subject head on.  The most a minister can say is that we go to heaven if we fulfill God’s requirements for entrance.  A discussion of what it is like to be in heaven is never brought up.  Questions like “What happens when you die?” “ Where do I go when I die?” “Do I really have a soul or is consciousness just a function of the brain?”  These questions go unanswered in our society. Those that have a burning desire to know the truth will look to eastern philosophy. 

The sort of behavior and the attitudes am describing stunt our spiritual growth.  Hiding from the truth only leaves us disempowered.  By understanding that our soul lives on after death, we can live like the mighty beings we are.  It's difficult to live life to its fullest when we are in fear of death.  I do recommend seeking out the answers to life’s mysteries for reassurance and peace of mind. 

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