The Reincarnation of Arthur Edward Waite

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This article gives an account of David Almeida’s discovery of his past life personality Arthur Edward Waite, the famous occult researcher, author, and creator of the Waite Rider Tarot deck.  The presence of Arthur Waite in David Almeida’s life has been confirmed by several prominent mediums. 

Since I have publicly revealed my mystical and spiritual connection to the 19th and 20th century British occult writer Arthur Edward Waite,Guest Posting I thought I should explain my relationship with the distinguished author.

While past life experiences live within your subconscious, your past life personalities continue on as disembodied spirits in the nonphysical environment.  Past lives at their choosing may take an active role in assisting their present incarnation (being us).  This is a recognized metaphysical principle amongst modern mystics.  At least it’s a theory I believe to be true. 

A person comes into this life with baggage from their past life.  We are not aware of the hardships of our past life because they are buried in our subconscious.  They are hidden with good reason.  We are not meant to have knowledge of their existence because it would hinder and even thwart the success of our present life.  Ultimately, these memories are excluded from our awareness because their presence would impede the unfolding of the Master Plan which the Universal Consciousness has established for humanity.  It should be noted that there are rare occasions when our past lives will be revealed to us in order to facilitate a particular outcome in the present life.

Your past life personality is invested in seeing you conquer the challenges you did not overcome in your previous incarnation.  Although past lives generally work behind the scenes as invisible helpers, they will occasionally become actively involved in helping you achieve the goals of your pre-life plans.  Your pre-life designs may involve working on specific relationships, for example.  Or it may be to master a love of material things.  Your past life personality is interested in seeing your missions succeed since he or she made the decision to work on them in the first place.

I became aware of A.E. Waite when I moved from my home state to a distant city.  When I was on vacation, driving along a busy interstate, a word entered my mind.  I asked my wife to write the word down.  Later, we found that the word was the name of the living community we moved in to.  The day that we arrived, a curious thing happened.  I was watching television when I heard a fizz in the background.  I thought nothing of it until my wife asked me if I had opened a second bottle of soda.  I insisted I had not.  We argued about this for a short time until we realized someone else had done it.  The sound reminded me of a Champaign bottle being opened.

After this incident, I attended a local Spiritualist Church.  The pastor informed me of the presence of a spirit named “Arthur.”  I asked my mother and father about this situation.  I came away empty handed.  I began looking at genealogy sites on the Internet.  At one point, I saw an entry for A.E. Waite.  Suddenly, an electrified sensation came over me, and I understood how all of the unusual events of my earlier years fit together.  I realized that Arthur Waite was my past life.  That doesn’t mean he is in my family tree.  Nor does it mean that I have any scientific evidence to support this claim.  These “knowings” are powerful.  A knowing is taken to be fact by the person who had the experience.  I define a knowing as an unexplained happening or notion that a reasonable person believes to be true despite the absence of factual support or evidence to the contrary.  Tens of thousands of people in this country have experienced a knowing and can relate to what I am saying.

When I returned to the pastor for a private reading, she confirmed my suspicions that the discarnate spirit of Arthur Edward Waite was with me.  As time passed, several mediums, a few of whom are prominent in the Spiritualist tradition, verified Arthur’s interest in my writings.  Mediums from different churches were positive of his attendance at services, meditation circles, and trainings.  Arthur would typically comment on my book writing and make suggestions for improvement.  The supernatural activity I witnessed during this time was incredible.  Arthur regularly made himself known in my home by turning on electronic devices, rapping, and moving objects.  There was also a host of other nonhuman entities in the house.  I determined some of these nonphysical beings to be what enlightened people politely call negative energies.  I am certain that their presence has something to do with Arthur’s involvement in the Golden Dawn.  It's also conceivable that they are a gift from Aleister Crowley, who sent me his mental salutations years prior to my discovery of Arthur Waite.

In the past I have asked myself if the information I believe to be coming from Arthur, is not actually being produced by my subconscious.  This is unlikely since it has been confirmed by what I deem to be reliable sources that Arthur is in my environment, and interested in my books.    What I say, is what Arthur would certainly state if his spirit were able to do so.

There are many things I know that Arthur feels he could have done differently and better in his life.  However, he truly enjoyed his career as an occult researcher and writer.  To be fair, his passion was with the Spiritualist movement of Andrew Jackson Davis, and esoteric teachings of Rosicrucian orders to which he belonged.  Arthur leaned more in the direction of mysticism than the occult; although there is some overlap between the two.  I know this in part from reading articles about him.

I intuitively know that there were things Arthur regrets and situations he wishes he could take back or do over.  I should say those are the impressions I get from that life.  Arthur as a spirit is probably able to act as an outside observer to see how the poor decisions he made created the situations he experienced.  Being in that position has less of an effect on you than actually going through it as a human.  I am not sure of this though since I have not been granted access to relive these memories.  I have inherited his unfinished business.  Those things that frustrated him have now become my challenges.  Arthur was not always well spoken of by his peers.  He is partly responsible for this because of his sarcastic nature.  In this century, he is remembered for his critical and demeaning attitude.  This is one area Arthur has decided he would like me to focus on.  I feel positive about this challenge.

Of course, I am an independent personality from Arthur.  We are connected and yet distinct from each other.  This is a new life with its own circumstances.  This is not the turn of the twentieth century in the United Kingdom.  I do not write like Arthur for that reason.  In fact, I have not read any of his books due to his writing style.  I will not pretend to know Arthur’s private history or his personal mannerisms.  That information has not been made known to me except through feelings and impressions.  Again, he has only spoken to me through mediums regarding my writing.  I do believe that what comes out of my mouth is what Arthur himself would express.  That theory makes sense in the context of reincarnation.

The material describing the Body Alive Principle in Illusion of the Body could have been made into a much smaller volume.  I added quite a bit of information to support the theory.  The First Truth was written differently and covers a wide range of mystical concepts from the nature of reality, the reality of the inner self, the meaning of life, and a metaphysical examination of psychotic illness and psychotropic drugs.  These are traditional subjects of concern in mysticism.  The material for The First Truth confirms many of the theories other mystics have proposed.  Arthur considers old information to be new information if the reader has never heard it before.  It also introduces certain theories that may not have been suggested by other writers of metaphysics.  For instance, in mysticism and other esoteric philosophies it is accepted that thoughts are deemed to be “things,” they are mental constructs of mind with their own consciousness, vitality, and degree of intellect.  If this is true, then it is safe to say that the imagery people with schizophrenia see are real on some level.  This must also be true of the visions seen by users of hallucinogenic drugs.  While this notion may seem absurd to the practical and reasoning mind, the mystic gives fair consideration to these matters.  These are some of possibilities put forth in The First Truth.

With each new incarnation come new missions and challenges.  An old spirit will not repeat his or her previous life as such a practice is not favorable to one’s spiritual evolution.  A spirit will embark on new adventures or attempt to improve on old problems by approaching them in fresh new ways.  Lingering on old themes retards one’s spiritual development.  The law of expansion which is the key to the meaning of life compels us to expand our knowledge by engaging in new experiences.  For this reason, Arthur Waite has chosen to withdraw his attention from the Tarot cards which made him famous.  The Tarot was something that he accomplished in his life time.  Having done that, he (being me) has new tests and trials to face.  That does not diminish the importance of the Tarot deck.  They serve a purpose in the world, as a means for some talented psychics to communicate with the spirit world.  Rest assured that Arthur will not belittle his own creation or ask that it be abandoned by its users.

I know that Arthur Waite has a new message for the world.  It is also my message since I am a reflection of him.  There is a change of great magnitude upon us.  This profound prophecy is accepted and communicated by mystics, psychics, spiritualists, shamans, light workers, energy healers, mediums, sages, clairvoyants, sensitives, channels, and what have you.  This paradigm shift or what I like to refer to as the Great Awakening has been foretold by many of the celebrated channeled entities of modern times.  This transformation promises a spiritual awakening in the Mass Consciousness.  Hence I have dubbed this event the Great Awakening. This divine decree will usher in a new era in our understanding of the nature of reality.  In turn, it will lead to a more peaceful existence in our relationships with each other, and the universe.  When will this happen?  Many people have made false predictions about its arrival.  The spirit world does not operate with clocks and calendars.  It adheres to the law of generation, which states that things happen at the appropriate time.  However, I can clearly see signs of this impending shift in our midst.

My belief is that one must face the challenges of life to initiate personal growth and development.  The human spirit is required to test itself.  Therefore, a person will allow stress into his or her life to effect this process.  Stress gives us a way to grow as spiritual beings.  In light of this theory, I feel there is possibility humanity may face considerable trials before being awakened to the truth.  I believe that we learn incredibly valuable lessons through our most disturbing experiences.  That’s if we are resilient enough to bounce back from them.  If life were always pleasant for us, we would learn nothing.  So if, we expect to make such a monumental achievement on a global scale, we must also be prepared to exert ourselves mentally.

The message our friend Mr. Waite and I wish to send to those already awakened, no matter who you are, or what your ideology or faith may be, the time to prepare for the Great Awakening is now.  We who have attained knowledge of higher things have a responsibility to lead others to the path of illumination.  We are emissaries of the Infinite Intelligence.  It is our duty to assist others in their own awakening.  This means encouraging others to open their minds and consider unconventional ideas.  It does not mean that we should go on a crusade to save people, or compel them accept our beliefs.  Being an agent of change for the Infinite One requires compassion and good judgment.  Leading captives of material reality to the light of truth may be the most worthy cause one can volunteer to support.

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