The Law of Infinite Reality

Apr 16


David Almeida

David Almeida

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Humans attempt to explain the nature of reality based on their understanding of the physical universe. Scientists are forever postulating on the number of dimensions that are realistically possible. The law of infinite reality tells us there are no limitations on the number of dimensions the Collective Consciousness may create.


The other day,The Law of Infinite Reality Articles a fellow spiritualist informed me that scientists have established the existence of ten dimensions.  The person who made this remark recently awakened and is now exploring the complex world of metaphysics.  This was evident to me when he asked where authorities in the field of metaphysics get their credentials to back up their claims.  I explained to him that there are no experts or specialists in mysticism. Metaphysics is the study of concepts that are beyond the reach of science in this age.  These concepts are often communicated to us by higher beings through channels.  There are no experts in this area that can substantiate the higher knowledge that forms the basis of our understanding of the nature of reality and our inner selves

Time and space are by far the most studied and discussed metaphysical subjects.  Mystics and other illumined persons understand that time is a concept invented by humans and exists only in physical reality.  Spirits and higher beings exist outside of time.  Time is experienced in the moment.  There is only now.  This is fairly easy to understand for those with any experience in metaphysics.

The concept of space and dimension is a little more difficult to comprehend.  We all agree that the physical universe and even the nonphysical universe (which are not separate) are infinite.  I like to call this the multiverse for simplicity.  The multiverse has no beginning or end to it.  That’s the easy part.  The law of infinite reality states that because the multiverse is infinite, there are no barriers to creation.  No limits can be placed on the divine spirit we call God.  God is therefore free to create universe upon universe, hence the term multiverse.

In light of what I have shared, it is easy to understand that there can be an unlimited number of dimensions.  The possibilities are endless.  God is not limited to five dimensions or even ten.  Dimension is not an issue.  In fact, it is actually an illusion.  Space is very much like time in the sense that there is not only “now,” but also “here.”  If you put them together you have the phrase “here and now.”  Humans are not three dimensional.  Physical reality only gives the appearance of three dimensions.  Some advanced entities speaking through channels have stated that we are multi-dimensional beings.  I encourage you to seek out their books.  Some of these books are well known and have sold millions of copies.

The multiverse is mental in nature.  Our thoughts create things.  Our thoughts enable us to be in one place and then another instantly, or even in two places at once.  This is why space is a bit of an illusion.  It’s difficult to conceive of such a reality, because we only know physical reality.  The idea of a reality that lacks time and space is beyond our understanding.  We may experience this kind of environment upon our passing from this world.  Eventually humanity will get to the point where this information will be common knowledge.