10 Vital Ways To Stimulate Your Sales!

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1. Publish ... for your free stuff. It ... their value and if they're viral ... you'll have more people giving them away.2. Give your visitors a good time so they will v

1. Publish testimonials for your free stuff. It would
increase their value and if they're viral marketing
tools,Guest Posting you'll have more people giving them away.

2. Give your visitors a good time so they will visit
your web site again. Use a few jokes, humorous
graphics and funny stories.

3. Make money from web sites that don't have an
affiliate program, by doing a joint venture. Set up
the affiliate program through a third party for them.

4. Build rapport with your potential customers by
teaching them something new. Provide them with
free ebooks, articles, tips, courses, etc.

5. Allow your visitors to collect things from your
web site so they will stop back again and again.
It could be a series of software, ebooks or articles.

6. Keep each page of your web site consistent or
similar. Use similar text fonts, colors, graphics
and background on every page.

7. Build a popular directory of freebies. It will draw
tons of traffic to your web site and you can request
that submitters place your link on their web site.

8. Create traffic generators that people can add to
their site without doing all the work. It can be an
article directory, freebie directory, web tool, etc.

9. Challenge your visitors to buy your product or
service. People love a good challenge. Tell them
if they can find a flaw you'll give them a refund.

10. Form a strategic alliance with other related but
non-competing businesses. You'll be able to beat
your competition by selling to a larger audience.

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