How To Influence Your Prospect's Mind!

Nov 18


Larry Dotson

Larry Dotson

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It's ... for your sales letter to tap into ... ... mind and trigger ... It will then create and direct a ... or scene that will persuade them to visit y


It's important for your sales letter to tap into your
prospect's subconscious mind and trigger their
imagination. It will then create and direct a mental
movie or scene that will persuade them to visit your
web site,How To Influence Your Prospect's Mind! Articles subscribe to your e-zine, buy your product,
etc. Their mental imagery will actually influence their
conscious mind and body to take action and buy.

Triggering people's imagination is not like controlling
their mind. Their imagination is being triggered all
day long by TV, pictures, radio, other people, movies,
things they read, etc. People have complete control
over what they imagine. It's not like when you
unconsciously dream every night.

People use their imagination every day. We all con-
jure up thousands of images in our heads. People
use their imagination to solve problems, to rehearse
a future situation, to remember things, to escape
their reality, to mentally practice certain skills, to
brainstorm, etc.

For example, maybe you imagined what you were
going to have for breakfast, lunch or dinner. You
mentally smelled it, tasted it, saw it, felt it or even
heard it cooking. It could have affected you physically
too, your stomach may have started growling, your
mouth may have watered, you may have smiled and
you may have licked your lips. Think about this, the
food you imagined wasn't there, your subconscious
mind didn't distinguish between fantasy and reality.

Do you see how powerful the imagination can be?

Now how about I suggest you visualize something.
Make yourself comfortable. Relax in your chair,
close your eyes and imagine a juicy, tender steak
seasoned to perfection. Take your time. Enjoy the
experience. If you like steaks, you most likely had
some of the same experiences happen to you which
were described above.

The visualization above was open-ended. I just
suggested what to imagine and you did the rest. You
created the mental movie or scene. You used your
inner senses, past experiences and future visuals to
experience it how you wanted to. It happened so
quickly that you weren't consciously aware of it.
I also suggested that you should relax; relaxation is
one of the key ingredients used to open up your
prospect's subconscious mind to be receptive to
your suggestions. People often relax by getting com-
fortable, closing their eyes, wearing loose clothing,

Sometimes it might be difficult to anticipate which
mental suggestion will trigger your target audience
to buy. You should study, survey and communicate
with them regularly to know which images will
persuade them to order your product. The more
targeted your suggestion, the less distance it needs to
travel to reach their subconscious mind which means
it will persuade them more quickly.

When you trigger your prospect's imagination they
can go into a flow state or zone. It's like when you
are totally focused on a movie or thought and you
don't pay attention to anything else. You have no
time awareness, just like in your subconscious
mind. This flow state can lead them right to your
ordering page!

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