4 Fun Ways to Decorate with Tassels

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How you decorate your home says a lot about you as a person.  Are you neat and orderly?  Clean lines and understated furnishings probably suit you best.  Creative and disorganized?  A little comfortable clutter never hurt anyone!  But no matter how you choose to express yourself at home, tassels make a great accent

There are lots of ways to decorate with tassels.  Imagine each tassel as punctuation on whatever statement you are making about yourself and your tastes.  Here are a few creative suggestions for spicing up your decor.

Drapery tiebacks: A tassel makes a great way to tie back your drapes or curtains.  There is nothing quite so elegant as curtains held back on either side with decorative tiebacks,Guest Posting perhaps to expose coordinating sheers underneath.  If you made your own curtains or had a seamstress make them for you, use a strip of the original cloth to make a tieback, and hang a coordinating tassel from it as decoration.  Or buy heavy cord to make your tieback from, and accent with a beaded tassel.

Throw pillow accents: Do you make your own decorative throw pillows, or do you have a plain pillow that needs some dressing up?  Rows of tiny tassels along the edges of the pillow, or larger ones at the corners, provide a great way to give your pillow flair or give an old pillow new life.  With the wide variety of colors and styles available, it is easy to mix and match to achieve the desired effect.

Door decorations: Don't let your bedroom door go unadorned!  There are numerous ways to decorate your door, but if you have outgrown the keep out signs of your childhood, try this on for size: Hang a large, beaded tassel from your doorknob.  Although a small detail, this adds interest and adds an air of French chic or shabby chic.

Light pulls: Just because something is necessary and used every day doesn't mean it has to be boring!  Dress up your lamps and overhead lights with a touch of femininity by affixing a small beaded tassel to the end of each pull.  The beads are a nice touch because they catch the light, adding a bit of sparkle to the room.

With a little creativity, there are many places in your home that you can add a tassel or two to accent your decor or help to create a specific mood.  Your choices in color and material can help to create the specific look and feel you are searching for.  For example, a strategically placed nylon tassel is fun and festive, whereas a silk tassel creates an impression of luxury.  Likewise, a beaded tassel can be either elegant, or casual and even a little playful, depending on the type of beads and colors chosen.

Decorating your home is about more than just the furniture and colors you choose.  It is the little details, such as throw pillows and curtain tiebacks that finish off your look and tie it all together.  There are almost unlimited things you can do with tassels, too.  For a sophisticated look, decorate a valance or throw with a row of them, or sew one onto either end of a decorative table runner.  You can also achieve that shabby chic look by tying a vintage-styled tassel onto the end of an old key, or by strategically leaving out an antique book with a tasseled bookmark in its pages.  With careful attention to details, you can achieve virtually any look you want.

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