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Sep 13




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PVC Pipes and Their Distributors in IndiaPiping materials generally range from ceramic & fiberglass to plastic, metals and other materials. Among ...


PVC Pipes and Their Distributors in India
Piping materials generally range from ceramic & fiberglass to plastic, DressFirst offers high quality evening dresses Articles metals and other materials. Among them PVC is the most widely used piping material. It is made using high grade vinyl & plastic and possesses advanced features apt for various industrial and household applications. In fact, pipes made from PVC make essential element for efficient water transportation.
If you are a business enthusiast then select this specific range for your company. These are sold outside in the market for various applications. The demand for PVC Pipes is increasing across the industry and infrastructure market. All tubes made up of this are of good quality. Here are some of the reasons that make these tubes very popular among the global customers.

Corrosion Resistance

Corrosion in piping is caused due to exposure to moisture or electrochemical reactions of acids and other materials. Premature ventricular contraction is used as non conductor of electricity and thus helps resist corrosion from electrochemical reactions. Moreover, these can be installed without any coatings used for their protection.

Heat Resistance

Premature ventricular contraction is used widely for numerous thermal resistance applications. This specific property makes tubes useful for so many applications that involve insulation. This also does not catch fire easily and hence is safe to be used in the fire prone areas. The tubes made from this can bear temperature up to 140 degrees in Fahrenheit.

Chemical Resistance

This premature ventricular contraction made tubes make a popular range for use in agricultural applications as these are not affected by fertilizers and soil. Owing to this special feature, these are used as protective covering for metal piping.

Durable Work Life

The pipes made via premature ventricular contraction are extremely efficient and durable as these have negligible effects due to oxidation reaction. These tubes are also resistant to fracturing and offer long service life. Another quality of the range is its flexibility that makes them strong object for applications that require high pressure.

Light Weight

The piping made via premature ventricular contraction are light weight and easy to transport and install. Another advantage of the range its lower cost installation.

Eco Friendly

This specific kind of piping is environment friendly and has long work life. It also doesn't need to be disposed frequently. So these save fuel that is required for vehicles while transporting them to their desired places.

Wider Application Area

Due to their sophisticated design, these PVC pipes are immensely used for irrigation, construction and transportation purposes. As such, several chemical industries and brewery industries make use of these tubes. It is also seen that these have wider application in the telecommunication industry.

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64.Types & Benefits of Carbon Steel
One of the most common and widely used metals in construction is steel which is popularly known for its stainless and anti corrosion properties. Almost all types of steel have some amount of carbon but carbon steel has more carbon content and also includes iron and manganese that makes it considerable as one of the most widely used steel metal around the world.

Wrought steel is another name for carbon steel and has many unique qualities, benefits and disadvantages as compared to other types of steel metal. Carbon steel metal is categorized as high steel, medium steel and low or mild steel metal depending on the percentage of carbon content. High carbon steel metal is comparatively very hard and brittle that contains 0.8% of carbon and is likely to break easily when it is used improperly.

Types of Carbon Steel

Carbon steel contains carbon as the main alloying constituent and based on the amount of carbon it constitute, there are four main types of carbon steel such as

? Ultra high carbon steel: These are very hard and strong and that's why used for non- industrial purpose such as for the manufacturing of knives, axles and other hard metals.
? High carbon steel: These are used to manufacture high strength springs and wires as this variety of steel is very strong
? Medium carbon steel: It is another quite strong notable variety of steel which is resistant to wear and tear and mainly used for large metal structures like automotive components.
? Mild or low carbon steel: It is used in various applications as it is relatively cheap than other types of steel metal and contains 0.16-0.29% of carbon that makes them comparatively low durable and strong. This variety of steel is used in places when large amount of steel is required such as in construction process.

All these steels are used to manufactured different types of industrial tools and machines such as drilling bits because of its high tensile and strength. It is also even used for manufacturing cutting tools and nails.
Benefits of Carbon Steel

Carbon steel is solely made up of carbon and steel and depending on the specific needs of the person using it, this kind of steel can have several benefits over other available options. Many manufacturers preferred to use high carbon steel to create metal press machinery and cutting tools and rated it very highly for its high hardness level and metal wear resistance.

? Available in different forms to meet the requirement of wide range of industries including hospitals and other places where clean and hygienic materials are used.
? Has high resistance to corrosion and scaling
? Highly resistant to heat and fire and thus retains its ingrained temperature even in extreme climatic conditions
? As compared to other metals, it has superior durability and strength
? Most versatile and adaptable material
? Easily fabricated and can be cut in different forms
? Due to anti corrosive property, it is widely used for under water purposes