The Art of Selling: Are You Mastering It?

Jan 2


Edward Thorpe

Edward Thorpe

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The first thing my internet multi-millionaire mentor asked me this morning was, "Are you mastering the art of selling?" There was no small talk, no inquiries about my family or health. His sole focus was on my sales skills. And I appreciate that! If you're in business, your primary goal is to make sales. Every action you take during your business day should contribute to achieving that goal.

The Importance of Sales in Business

Yes,The Art of Selling: Are You Mastering It? Articles building relationships with clients is crucial. You must act with integrity, under-promise and over-deliver, follow up, and maintain contact. However, these actions come into play after you've made the sale. During the selling process, your focus should be solely on securing the sale. Treat each sale as if your business depends on it - because it does. Sales are made one at a time.

The Selling Process: A Step-by-Step Guide

The selling process can be broken down into the following steps:

  • Build rapport: Ask questions and then listen attentively.
  • Qualify your prospect: Continue asking questions and listening.
  • Create desire for your product: Identify their problems and demonstrate that your product/service is the best solution.
  • Build value in yourself and your business
  • Ask for the sale: For example, "Do you want to put this on your credit card, or do you prefer writing a check?" Then, be quiet and wait for their response.
  • Handle objections if necessary: Reiterate their preferred solution to their problem (which is, of course, the benefits of your product/service). Ask them to confirm that you've addressed their concerns.
  • Ask for the sale again: For example, "Let's take care of this now so you can start enjoying the benefits." Then, be quiet again.
  • Follow up and handle buyer's remorse: Reiterate their logical reasons for buying and reassure them that they made the right decision.

You may be tempted to skip some steps, but I recommend following each one for the best results.

My Journey in Sales

I began my journey in sales at the tender age of nine. I grew up on a small farm in Kentucky, and my father gave me a portion of the family garden to grow a cash crop to sell to our neighbors. My first attempt at selling popcorn was unsuccessful, but after conducting some market research (asking my mom what she would buy), I found success selling green beans.

Since then, I've sold a wide range of products, from questionable substances (it was the sixties, after all) to pre-planned burials. So when my mentor asked me if I was learning to sell, I was thrilled. Because without sales, you're not in business. So, go out there and make that sale!