B2B Lead Generation Outsourcing: The Price Is Right!

Sep 25




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B2B lead generation outsourcing for IT is quite the pickle, particularly when one is pitching for a service that would cost more.


There are virtually endless businesses that provide B2B lead generation outsourcing contracts to agencies that specialize in the field,B2B Lead Generation Outsourcing: The Price Is Right! Articles for the simple purpose of getting them more leads that can be converted into customers. Oftentimes, it’s a race by brands to give their money to companies that can provide them with the necessary leads. More often than not, there’s so much talk about a product that has so many new and advanced things to talk about that the price point gets sidelined.

However, while for the B2B lead generation outsourcing company it may be a routine, paying more for something better isn’t always the best idea. And this concept doesn’t apply just to consumers, but also to B2B prospects and customers. For instance, when CEOs call for IT services that ensure better customer engagement, or for that matter real time insights or better decision making capabilities, the outsourced agency might agree to the same, subtly hinting that it would cost more. Now, taking this in context to the setting of an enterprise prospect, just because the lead says they can afford something better, doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea to add on to their expenses.

B2B lead generation outsourcing companies need to consider the long term implications of agreeing to offer a better, higher priced service. This is because one needs to justify the higher cost in most of the cases, considering the constant skepticism that comes with charging a higher fee. So, calculating the savings in the long run, or how the enhancement would ensure the business works more efficiently in the times to comes and provide an intangible ROI, is essential before making a move for a higher price quote. Then there are always some more challenges like figuring out the budget before committing to the sales meeting. Many clients might ask for a ballpark figure, while some might need more information. This data might need to be further shared with their seniors.

So here’s a glimpse of B2B lead generation outsourcing guidelines. First, it’s not always necessary to ask for a number. Just asking if the prospect is having issues with his/her IT budget should get a brief idea. Asking how much they’ve spent is not necessary. Secondly, asking for the age of the technology, i.e., when was the last upgrade, helps in knowing whether the client would spend more or not. And lastly, many clients might not even know how much they’re spending, which makes it easier to pitch in to help the make things better.