Bulgaria – the cheapest destination in the EU

Apr 20


Michelle Tabakova

Michelle Tabakova

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Bulgaria is popular and favorable for investments of vacation properties.


Bulgaria is popular and favorable for investments of vacation villas. The interest in investing in real estates in our country has been preserved still high despite the new destinations that enter the international  market. The exposition in the English capital has been visited by approximately 12 000 people despite the poor advert from the English side .At the official Bulgarian stand 12 companies have taken part in.

The tendency of  previous years has not been changed  and most offered but sought after are the vacation properties along the Black sea coast and in mountain resorts.

Preference of Bulgaria have mostly young people. In recent years this tendency is expected to be saved,Bulgaria – the cheapest destination in the EU Articles the holiday property market to calm down and focus to be moved on city dwellings.

Imposing of Northern Cypress becomes a factor in British market. The country is widely advertised and popularized. The English feel sympathy for this part of Europe because of the fact that it is an ex colony of the Kingdom.

The country though cannot be compared with Bulgaria in price matter. Proposals that comes from Cypress are at three to eight times higher prices than those in our country . Moreover Bulgaria is more attractive and varies in natural resources.

A stand of our country has been organized in the exhibit in Moscow. Here most sought after are sea and ski properties but an increasing interest is observed in new developments in Sofia and Plovdiv. In comparison with other years this is the greatest exhibition for Bulgaria. The Russian market goes up and develops mostly its part of investments in foreign properties. An absolute bang can be seen in offering and seeking and Bulgaria is on the first place in this matter.

All this is due to a rank of factors. Possibilities for investing in Russia are merely finished and in conditions of poor offering  ,buyers begin to orient towards foreign markets.

In last two years  ,customers become more informed for overseas markets of real estates .Recently there were no enough sources of information for this topic on a local basis. Nowadays media  affords enough materials ,which facilitates the right orientation of the audience.

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