Choosing the Best Tie to Wear to a Wedding

Nov 20




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A wedding is a special event for everyone involved, and you will want to look your best. Choosing the right kind of tie to wear is critical to making your whole outfit both appropriate and special.


 The wedding tie you finally choose will partly be determined by the type of wedding you are attending. It goes without saying that quality ties are a must for a wedding. You will want every bit of your outfit to look polished and classy. There are four general types of wedding and the wedding tie you choose will depend mostly on that.

Informal. Even if the event is informal,Choosing the Best Tie to Wear to a Wedding Articles you will want to wear a quality tie. If it’s a daytime wedding, wear a dress shirt and pants, with a sports jacket. You don’t have to wear a tie, but if you do, choose something in a lighter color. For an informal evening wedding, wear a suit, and a nice wedding tie that coordinates with it.

Semi-formal. A wedding tie is a must for a semi-formal event. If the wedding is in the daytime, you can wear a lighter-colored suit with a complementary tie. For evening, be sure to wear a dark suit with a classic, darker tie.

Formal. For a daytime formal wedding, you should wear a dark suit. You should also include a quality tie as part of your ensemble. It gets a little more complicated for evening weddings, and the wedding tie and suit you choose will partly depend upon the women’s apparel. If the event states that it is “black tie,” that usually means long evening gowns for the women and tuxedos for the men. If you wear a tuxedo, you will probably want to wear a bow tie, although there are some very nice quality ties that can be worn with a tuxedo as long as you fasten them with a formal knot, such as the Windsor. Even though tuxedo ties come in a variety of colors, it’s best to stick with black unless you are part of the wedding party and are asked to wear a specific color. If the event is formal, but women wear short dresses, you can wear a dark suit and matching tie instead of a tuxedo.

Ultra-formal. An ultra-formal wedding will specify that male guests wear a white tie. This is almost always a bow tie, and should be accompanied by a white shirt and vest as well.

The key to choosing the right wedding tie is to know the level of formality of event you are attending. If the invitation is unclear, don’t hesitate to contact the bride or groom for clarification. They will usually have a pretty good idea about the overall “look” of their wedding. If you can find out well in advance, this leaves you plenty of time to plan what you will wear, and to buy whatever items you need. When in doubt, always choose a nice, darker suit with a high quality tie and you will look great.