Sell More By Putting Your Prospects In A Trance!

Jul 19


Larry Dotson

Larry Dotson

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A trance is when you are strongly and ... on a feeling, thought, vision, mood, ... idea. Usually it takes ... actions by aperson to gain your ... You have likely bee


A trance is when you are strongly and continually
focused on a feeling, Sell More By Putting Your Prospects In A Trance! Articles thought, vision, mood, emotion
or idea. Usually it takes repetitive actions by a
person to gain your attention. You have likely been
in a trance at least a few times this week.

Haven't you ever been reading a book, watching TV
or listening to music and your parent or friend said
something like "Are you ignoring me?, I've asked
you three times what you wanted to eat for dinner?"
And you say something like "No, I was just watching
this really cool show on sharks".

See, you have been in a trance plenty of times and
didn't even know it. Just think how many products
you could sell if you could put your prospects in a
trance? Well you can, if you follow these very
important steps.

First, you have to give them a feeling, thought, vision,
mood, emotion or idea they will focus on. This can
be accomplished by using an appealing headline or
visual. Now, any one can have thoughts and still be
able to concentrate on other things.

Next, your goal is to influence them to continually
focus on it. You need to make sure each and every
word, phrase and sentence is interesting enough so
they keep reading and thinking about your offer.

How do you accomplish this? You need to use
words and phrases that appeal to their emotions and
thoughts. For example, if you were selling an ebook
on eliminating your credit card debts you could say:
No more living pay check to pay check. (or)
Eliminate those harassing creditors calls once and
for all.

Each word needs to take them step by step by step
into a continuing trance. You don't want any boring
or irrelevant information to interrupt the trance.

Finally, when you ask for the order they will be so
involved that they'll have to order to keep the
enjoyable trance continuing.

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