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Increasing your sales is the name of the game in business. There are three ways to increase those numbers successfully. This article will give you those three tips and how to use them.

Populating your calendar with new prospect appointments can be very challenging,Guest Posting especially in this current economy.

If you hear yourself saying the following then read on!

• “All I get is voice mail.”
• “I’ve left several messages and she won’t return my call.”
• “I can’t get past the receptionist.”
• “His assistant just won’t let me in.”
• “She’s rescheduled with me three times.”

A certain amount of the above is very much a part of the sales game.  Even the best of the best experience these challenges.  However, if you are experiencing the above and are unable to schedule the number of appointments you need to be successful then you are not differentiating yourself and creating enough interest.  The good news is you can positively impact this situation very quickly.

Here are three suggestions for you:

“Hi…’s me again.  Wanna buy?”  You are guaranteed to be rejected time and time again if your prospect senses “sales person”.  This has to be the number one barrier standing between sales people and more appointments.  To avoid this pre-judgment focus on discussing business trends and issues that your prospect is facing in their industry.  Yes you have to do a little research!  But I promise you the time you spend gaining an understanding of some of your prospects issues will pay huge dividends when it’s time to establish credibility.  Notice I said “some”.  You don’t have to have an MBA on the subject, but you do need to know enough to hit a nerve.  Your goal when contacting a prospect for the purpose of scheduling an appointment is to establish credibility and impress them as a business person as soon as possible.  Once credibility is established your prospect will begin talking and let their guard down.  Now you have set the stage to ask questions and build need!  Remember, you want them to open up and do most of the talking.  The best way to make that happen is to have insight into their world and make the conversation all about them.

Become an “Action Hero!”  The second most popular reason sales professionals find themselves short on appointments is simply a lack of commitment and action.  If I told you I would give you $100,000.00 cash in return for you doing what ever you have to do to get 5 new appointments a week for one year, could you pull it off?  Most folks reply “absolutely!”  Obviously that means you are capable of doing it, and would push yourself to do what ever it takes to figure it out and make it happen.  So why not make a commitment to take that action in the absence of the upfront deposit knowing you will get the $100,000.00 by the end of the year?  Action, action, action.  Don’t let your lack of action be the reason you don’t set the number of appointments you need.

“I do believe, I do believe!”  Here’s the third most common reason representatives don’t get the number of appointments they deserve.  They lack confidence.  The first sale is always to yourself.  If you don’t believe you have effective ideas, solutions and outcomes how can you expect anyone else to?  I promise you this.  If you take the time to learn about the trends and issues your prospects face and become proficient at discussing them.  And you commit to putting consistent weekly effort in prospecting, networking and marketing yourself you will feel a significant increase in your level of confidence.  And when you do, you will capture the attention of prospects and differentiate yourself in a very positive fashion.  What’s the pay off?  More qualified appointments and more sales!

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