Selling In The Summer Doldrums

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Some people think that summer time is the worst for sales representatives. If you think about it, it's simply not true. This article will show you why and how you can continue to sale during the summer months.

Summer is here and for many sales people that means it’s time to “kick-back”.  Does everyone really go on vacation at the same time?  You know that’s simply not true.  “Yes,Guest Posting many people do take vacation in July and August, but they also take vacation in January and February and selling doesn’t stop then!

This nobody’s around attitude reminds me of the sales representative who was trying to pick the best day of the week to prospect.  “However, on Monday folks are just getting back from the weekend, Tuesdays not good because things start to simmer and everyone’s in meetings all day, Wednesday is bad because it’s hump day, Thursday’s awful because folks are pushing to get everything done so they can cut out early on Friday.  And Friday, nobody’s around!”

If you perceive there is nobody around, you are setting yourself up for a negative self-fulfilling prophecy and your production will drop.  So, you need to think like a business owner this summer and leverage your talent and make a name for yourself.

Let your management know you are thinking like a business owner and you and have some ideas on how to make this summer a great sales success.  Start a weekly “Summer Sizzle Group”.  Encourage your management to fire up a special contest for July and August and have a prospecting contest and make it fun.

Do some research and identify three unique challenges the summer months bring to your prospects and figure out how your products and services can help.  While researching, also discover three opportunities that your prospects can take advantage of in the summer months.  Then call your prospects and give them the great news.  Overall, you want to show them you are a thinker and you have some fantastic ideas about how they can grow and become more competitive.

Smoke your competition on the barbeque!  Become a smart business executive and leverage the fact that your competition might kick-back this summer.  Set personal activity and sales goals for yourself and try to exceed your all time best effort.

Be a contrarian this summer and make a conscious decision to go against the grain.  Whatever obstacle is put in front of you, respond by saying ‘bring it on!’, then figure out a way to turn it around to your benefit and make this the busiest time of the year.

Finally, to solidify your success mindset, tell everyone that July and August are a sales professionals dream come true and then set out to prove it!

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