How a Best Buy Sales Clerk taught Me the Simple 6 Step Formula for Closing ANY Sale

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Follow this story….I went to Best Buy today to get a few CDs and walked out with a new ... to Sports ... ... ... I asked myself how’d that happen? As I went through th

Follow this story….

I went to Best Buy today to get a few CDs and walked out with a new subscription to Sports Illustrated. Immediately confused,Guest Posting I asked myself how’d that happen? As I went through the steps that brought to that point in time, I realized I was sold on the subscription before I ever had a chance to even think about saying no. Wow! What if and I had this power? My home business would be booming to say the least. So, let me go through exactly what happened and then I’ll pull a few key points out for you.

I browsed the CD section of Best Buy for about 30 minutes and then after making my final music selections I headed to the checkout counter. I was greeted by a friendly checkout clerk who rung up my three CDs to a total cost of $43. As she was ringing me up she said “How would you like a free Subscription to Sports Illustrated or Entertainment Magazine?” Before I could answer she continued by telling me that she had already taken advantage of the offer herself and had received eight free issues of Entertainment Magazine. She continued by telling me exactly how I could unsubscribe at anytime and still get eight free issues of whichever magazine I choose. Then, even before she finished speaking, an adjacent check out clerk chimed in and said how great of a deal he thought it was and how much he enjoyed his free subscription.

Then the magic happened! No sooner did I turn my head back to the first sales clerk than did she ask me which subscription I wanted. Without thinking, I said Sports Illustrated. She replied, “that’s what the guys always choose”. She rung me up and I was out the door before I had a chance to think about what had just happened.

How great is that?

She probably made a commission and I never even saw it coming.


Ok… So, what made this whole process work so well?

First: The Element of surprise…

I had no idea what hit me.

Second: A free trial offer…

She offered me something that was very low risk to me. I didn’t really want a subscription to Sports Illustrated, but hey it was FREE so why not?

Third: Smooth transition into her testimonial…

Once she said that the subscription was something that she personally took advantage of herself I let guard went down. From that point on, I wasn’t being sold on something I didn’t want, but instead I was just getting a friendly recommendation.

Fourth: Smooth transition into how easy it was to back out at anytime…

At this point, not only was I just getting a friendly recommendation, but she told me how easy it would be to back out of the deal at any time. Not only that, but I was given explicit directions as to how to end my subscription. Hey, if I didn’t want the subscription I now felt even less pressure because I knew exactly how to end it.

Fifth: Additional Testimonials…

Bang… Before I had a chance to think about whether or not I want a free subscription to Sports Illustrated bad enough to go through the future hassle of canceling it I’m hit with another testimonial about how great of an offer this deal really is from ANOTHER person that’s taken advantage of it. So, now I start to feel a little like I’m the one left out. Everyone else is doing it… why not me?

Sixth: The Close!

I loved the close! It was so sneaky. She never asked me whether or not I wanted a subscription, she just asked if I wanted Sports Illustrated or Entertainment Magazine. I NEVER had the option to think about whether or not I wanted the subscription or not. She simply ASSUMED the sale and at that point just asked me what subscription I wanted. She never gave me a chance to tell her NO!


Now that I’ve given you six simple steps that you must follow to get the sale every time it’s just a matter of you figuring out how to use this in your own home business. So, stop and read this again if you have to. Just let it soak in. It’s an extremely powerful process if mastered. Personally, I left that Best Buy not knowing what happened to me. It was like I was brainwashed!

Wouldn’t you like to brainwash your customers into buying your products or services or joining your home based business opportunity?

If done right the customer will never know what hit them!!!

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