How To Create A Sales-Pulling Order Page!

Jul 19


Larry Dotson

Larry Dotson

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Have you ever been at an order page, ready toenter your order ... ... were suddenly ... and never didend up ... ... ordering because you would haveto stop and go f


Have you ever been at an order page,How To Create A Sales-Pulling Order Page! Articles ready to
enter your order information and...

You were suddenly interrupted and never did
end up ordering?

You hesitated ordering because you would have
to stop and go find your credit card?

You put off the purchase because you had too
much time to think "I really can't afford it right now,
I'll wait?

You procrastinated thinking I can order it later
and never did?

Like you, I've done all these things at least once.
Your selling shouldn't stop at your ad copy, it
should continue to your order page. Nothing is
for sure until they click the little "buy now" button.

Here are seven ways to accomplish this:

1. You could offer extra bonus products on your
order page. This will enhance your product's
overall perceived value.

2. You could summarize your total offer on your
order page. Repeat all the major benefits, features
and bonuses they will receive.

3. You could include a limited time offer on your
order page. It could be a "today only offer" for a
special bonus.

4. You could include some extra testimonials on
your order page. Use one or two of your customers'
testimonials that include specific results.

5. You could tell your prospects what will happen
if they order or don't buy the product on your order

6. You could include a powerful guarantee
on your order page. Give them a lifetime or triple
your money back guarantee.

7. You could include a surprise discounted price
on your order page. Just list your regular price
and then offer a discounted price right below it.

In conclusion, these are just a few of the ways to
keep selling on your order page. Be creative,
and come up with your own strategies.

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