The Missing Key To Hypnosis, Self Improvement And Goal Achievement!

Jun 22


Michael McGrath

Michael McGrath

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Are you tired of struggling? Is it hard for you to set and reach your goals? Are you frustrated and disappointed? Let me show you the missing key to having everything just the way you want it! This works!


Have you struggled in life? Is frustration getting the better of you? perhaps you have watched The Secret,The Missing Key To Hypnosis, Self Improvement And Goal Achievement! Articles listened to Tony Robbins and even attended some seminars yet your life still isn't working. Are you disappointed or even angry at your lack of progress? Well I have the answer. Let me tell you about it.

Your mind has two parts, the conscious thinking logical part and the unconscious part. Your conscious mind is that part of your mind you are using right now to read and analyse this words. It is, however, your subconscious mind that holds the knowledge of what the symbols, letters and words actually mean. It is the subconscious mind that interprets the meaning of everything that is on the page because you have already taught it to recognise the English language. This part of your mind is more powerful than you can imagine and is capable of helping you in ways that seem miraculous at times.

Your subconscious mind stores everything that ever happens to you. It is literally an unlimited warehouse for memories and emotions. This is an extremely important aspect of the subconscious mind. You need to have instant access to this stored information so that you can find your way home, remember names and faces, how to do your job etc., there are very postive aspects to this!

Not only does your subconscious mind store valuable information it also stores essential emotions. For example it stores the emotion of pain and fear connected to certain activities such as placing your hand too close to fire. When you find yourself getting too close to fire and feel the heat on your skin your subconscious mind will immediately alert you with a feeling of fear. Safety is the main reason for this behaviour and in this respect the mechanism works extremely well. It also works to your advantage by replaying positive emotions connected to certain situations - think of a time when you caught a glimpse of your spouse or child, heard a piece of music or smelt some perfume or aftershave and were immediately reminded of an earlier time that evoked strong loving emotions.

It is most elementary role the subconscious mind is merely a recod and play back device whose mechanism is much like a computer or DVD recorder. The things that occur to you in your life are recorded and then played back when you access those memories. The problem that often arises though is when incorrect or inappropriate emotional memories are accessed by the subconscious mind when you find yourself in new situations. If you have been subconsciously programmed, in a negative way, from past events and have negative emotions connected to these past memories then these are the very emotions that your subconscious mind will play back to you when you strive for goals in the present.

There is another problem with this mechanism that is rarely addressed by the self improvement industry and hypnosis communities when they seek to change this negative subconscious programming. Although they will admit that the subconscious mind is mostly a playback system of past events, they rely too heavily on the reprogramming of this mind with positive beliefs and do not address the other, just as important, issue.

If the subconscious mind is just a playback device, and it replays past emotions in new situations, then it is obvious we need to ensure it is playing back positive supportive emotions and thoughts when we undertake any new venture. But what about the other problem? How do we address that?

Well the problem is this; if the subconscious mind is a playback device and we want to do something new how can it help us do it when it has no knowledge of what it is doing? Let me explain.

You make the intention to increase your income to $2000 p.w. and therefore set an appropriate goal. You set about writing your goal and affirming your intentions, visualizing, using self hypnosis, and a myriad of other techniques, to reprogram your mind for success. However, you are only doing half the job, albeit a very important half but only half all the same!

As your inner mind acts merely as a recording and playback device, just like a computer, what do you think will happen when you ask it a question like how do I create more money in my life? It will playback to you everything it knows about making more money and if you have never made the amount of money that you are asking for then it won't have any answers. It will merely replay what you already know! Taking a look at our previous example of setting a goal to increase your finances we find the following happens.

You want to make $2,000 per week yet you have only ever made $400 per week. You use your self improvement techniques daily and quickly reprogram your mind for success thinking. Now you find yourself full of confidence and enthusiasm for your objectives. Great! You are in the right mind-set for success. The problem arises when you begin to think about making the extra money. When you quiz yourself about how you can actually go about doing that your subconscious mind will play back everything it knows about how to make money. You will probably immediately think that you need to get a higher paying job, work more hours, take on an extra job etc.

Although you have successfully programmed your mind for success your mind does not yet have the knowledge or experience of how it can actually go about creating the success you desire!

There are two ways to overcome this problem. The first is to acquaint yourself with as much knowledge as you can about making money. This is a great thing to do. You can study the lives of people who started in similar situations to you and increased their net worth and determine if their way of doing it would suite you. I highly recommend this approach even if you find it easy to reach your new goal with your new positive outlook.

However, there is another way. It is easier and faster and always works. In addition to success programming it is imperative that you learn how to de-program your mind. you must remove not only your negative beliefs but also your own self-imposed limiting thoughts and feelings. This is the key - you must remove your limiting beliefs NOT JUST reprogram yourself with new positive ones!

When you remove your self-imposed limitations - i.e. I have to work extra hours, take a second job, get a higher paying job etc., to make more money - inspiration will come, new ideas and a fresh perspective. You don't have to reprogram these limiting beliefs with new ones all you have to do is deprogram them and let your mind do the rest!

As your subconscious mind is no longer replaying everything it knows about making money it must seek new answers from somewhere else! As you deprogram your limiting beliefs and emotions you will become more aware of the possibilities that are all around you. Your intuition will be more accessible to you and you will find yourself almost effortlessly drifting into new, exciting and highly profitable opportunities.

Deprogramming your limiting beliefs is much easier than you think and the results you experience will be many thousands of times greater than if you just concentrate on creating new beliefs through traditional personal development techniques! Try it, you may just be surprised.