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Do you know how to stand out in the crowd? Do you know what the destinction is between competitive markets and crowded markets? These 5 tips will show you the difference and how to stand out in the crowd.

If you have seen me speak,Guest Posting or if you are a regular reader of my tips, you know I believe very strongly in the importance of making a clear distinction between “competitive” markets and “crowded” markets. The market place is no where near as competitive as many would lead you to believe. They are crowded, and in that lies a competitive advantage for those who stay focused and apply themselves. In a crowded market the playing field levels out. Buyers become challenged making a distinction between the various offerings and options. The following 5 actions will enable you to differentiate yourself and stand out in the crowd.

• Have a purpose other than making money. A buyer can sense passion, belief and commitment. Sniffing around for and chasing cash will never be an attractive or effective strategy to secure and keep customers.

• Develop your ability to make a memorable first impression. People may not remember what you said but they will remember how you made them feel. Develop authentic ways to make others feel good about themselves and you will be positively remembered.

• Become a life time business student. Today’s buyers give their loyalty to business people who demonstrate depth. Expand your knowledge to understand how other businesses operate. Strive to go to a deeper level than simple product knowledge.

• Know who your customer is, how they think and what they gravitate toward. People are comfortable with those that are like them. When in this comfort zone we let our guard down. The way to be “like” your buyer is to understand and discuss what is important to them.

• Become a “linkage” expert. You may have the most intelligent and effective solution for a buyer. However, if you are not able to directly link what they want to accomplish to how you can help them realize their desired outcome, it doesn’t exist. Become expert at explaining the link between your solution and how your customer benefits.

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