Seven "Really" Truly Unique Ways to Sell More Books

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These ... tips aren’t for the weak at heart. ... and know where the ego and ... stands for you.1. Use a fold over business card. Place your ... inside th

These marketing tips aren’t for the weak at heart. Use
discretion and know where the ego and self-promotion
boundary stands for you.

1. Use a fold over business card. Place your book
information inside the fold. The title on the bottom side
of the fold so it is seen first when the card is opened.
Only one book to sell right now,Guest Posting no problem. To fill up the
page, add the book’s tag line or this book is about
paragraph. On the top of the fold, list three places the
book can be purchased.

2. When you are paying your bills, slip one of your fold
over business cards inside.

3. Hand your card out to everyone you have a conversation
with. Whether it’s the server, a desk or grocery store
clerk, or anyone else. This isn’t boasting, this is
marketing. I’ve done this on many trips it always increased
my mailing list and sales in big ways.

4. When you tell others about your topic and they ask for a
tip. Give them two and then tell them what chapter they can
find more in. If your card lists several books, circle the
book that continues to give them more tips.

5. Always carry one of your books in your hands, cover
facing out, wherever you go. Even parties. Keep a dozen
books, protected well for frequent shifts and temperature
changes, inside your car. Not the trunk.

6. Wear a T-shirt with a copy of the book’s cover on the
back and your URL at the bottom and on the front. Or list’s’s URL if you prefer. Get T-shirts for the rest
of the family too. When the whole family is wearing one in
an unusual color the information will always get inquiries.

7. Create Get a member page and profile on and
the other online booksellers. Know and understand member
profiles on ( On Amazon,
select help and type in member profile. Be on Amazon’s
bestseller list. Sell any damaged books in Marketplace on

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