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Do you have the mindset to be successful? Do you know how to have that mindset if you don't now?

You can’t control the outside.  The good news is you have 100% control of the inside (you!)

Sales and business people that create a consistent and predictable cash flow and are successful in designing the life style they desire,Guest Posting remain grounded in reality.  They have adopted a perspective that focuses with laser beam like clarity on what matters and what will generate positive results.  (This does not include the Madoff’s of the world!)

Regardless of the doom and gloom that is presented to you in the news there is one element of business reality that you can count on to generate strong feelings of confidence and optimism.  It’s the fact that the elements of business success that are most important are all within your control.

The first place to put time and energy is in taking a realistic look at the perspective you have of yourself.  Your ability to believe in and sustain an inner vision of yourself that is success focused is critical.  In “reality” it’s critical to your happiness and achievement.  Take a reality check!  Here are some questions you might want to ask yourself:

1. Do you have a vision of yourself as a resourceful person that will succeed no matter what?
2. Do you take complete responsibility for your performance?  Do you stay clear of excuses?
3. Do you exercise the discipline to sustain a strong prospecting effort?  Are you able to properly process rejection and prevent it from stopping or slowing you down?
4. Do you have the ability to “keep on keeping on” by keeping your eye on the prize?
5. Do you realize you will be a success with and through others?  Can you put your opinion aside long enough to listen to others and understand their perspective?

Henry Ford once said:  “If you believe you can do a thing or if you believe you can not, you’re right.”  Remain grounded in reality.  Remember, all that truly matters is within your control!

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Duane Cashin

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