What Does Blue Say About You? The Psychological Effects of Necktie Color Choices

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Could choosing a red or blue tie give you an advantage? The necktie has long been ubiquitous in high-stakes arenas such as business and politics, and in these fields, participants are willing to do almost anything to get ahead of the competition. One perfectly ethical and easy way of doing this is to understand the messages that your competitors’ and your own neckties may be sending. What does a navy blue necktie indicate? What impression does a red tie leave? These subtle and often subconscious signals can contribute to the overall impression being made by one’s company or campaign.

The field of color psychology is by no means an exact science,Guest Posting but it has at least some credence in the marketing world. Color Wheel Pro software offers help in designing color schemes for logos and other materials that will have a desired psychological effect. Whether for biological or cultural reasons, humans tend to associate certain colors with certain emotions or ideas. What does this have to do with neckwear? In men’s professional fashion, when suits tend to be black, grey, or dark blue, one of the only places where color appears is the neck tie. Two of the most popular choices are red and blue ties, so these color choices will be analyzed most thoroughly.

Blue neckwear comes with many positive connotations. A University of Maryland study revealed that both men and women overwhelmingly named blue their favorite color, Natalie Wolchover reports on Live Science. Color psychology suggests that a blue neck tie may conjure connections with peace, tranquility, loyalty, and intelligence. Variations in the shade of blue shift the image conveyed, according to Color Wheel Pro. While a darker blue tie might project knowledge, power, and seriousness, a lighter blue might indicate a softer, more understanding image associated with health and healing. Roy Britt reports that scientific testing revealed that blue promoted creative thinking much more than red.

Multiple articles have been written analyzing the tie color choices of president and presidential candidates, especially in debates. According to NBC’s Will Rabbe, blue ties are a distant second when it comes to presidential debates. This statistic is surprising, considering the popularity of blue ties outside of debate settings. Red and blue are both associated with patriotism, so why might red be so popular for debates?

The color red carries many strong associations, including anger, aggressiveness, passion, love, and urgency. Stop signs, warning lights, and fire extinguishers are red for a reason. Red may even bring bloodshed to mind. The same study that showed blue increased creative thinking showed that red increased attention to detail and memory. It is a motivating color, not one that generally puts people at ease. In comparison to a blue tie, then, a red tie would project more power; in fact, red ties are sometimes referred to as power ties.

Since most people aren’t fighting for the presidency, there is a place for both red and blue neckwear in the typical wardrobe. Some situations may call for the more aggressive, strong image of a red tie, while other situations would be better met by the more open and peaceful, yet still intelligent and serious, impression of a blue tie. Of course, the color of one’s tie won’t make or break a presentation or a speech, but it wouldn’t hurt to try to gain a psychological edge.

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