2012 - Sun Storms and Cosmic Radiation

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Over the last two thousand years the magnetic field of the Earth has been gradually weakening. More alarming is the fact that Gaulthier Hulot of the Parisian Geophysics Institute discovered in 2002 that the field strength is declining alarmingly fast at the poles.

This finding started immediate worldwide speculation about a forthcoming polar reversal. In an instant,Guest Posting modern science lined up with the predictions of scientists of a far-distant past. This cannot be a coincidence! Thousands of years ago, priests were able to calculate that the magnetic field of the Earth would collapse at the end of 2012, at the zenith of the catastrophe. And now, eons later in time, one person comes up with an identical idea. Only the present scientists still do not realize what the consequences will be: they think that electronic equipment will experience some problems, that the migration of many animals will be disturbed, and that there might be a problem with radiation. They do not expect much more than that. But this is diametrically opposed to what the Maya and the Old Egyptians predicted.

In the books from Patrick Geryl, he has clearly described the disastrous effects of a pole shift. However, he hardly dealt with one issue: radioactive radiation and wondered worriedly what effect this will have on the Earth? Are people and animals able to handle this? And what can we do to guard ourselves against it?

Given his knowledge of astronomy, he got quickly clear answers. It is known that particles coming from the stars and our sun collide with the magnetic field of the Earth. Highly charged, energetic cosmic particles are hardly hindered by the magnetic field-they just pass through it, and it doesn't matter whether their charge is neutral, positive or negative. However, in the Earth's atmosphere they collide with oxygen and nitrogen molecules, which render them less harmful. Low energy cosmic radiation is normally deflected to the poles. When the magnetic field is pressurized and disappears, you will not have this tunnel effect anymore and the particles will fall randomly on Earth. The effect of this is small and does not imply a threat for plants, animals or humans. Therefore, at first he thought we would not have much to fear from harmful radiation. Then he started to study the situation a bit more carefully; it appeared he had somehow underestimated the consequences. A first deduction was not so difficult to make.

Ultraviolet RadiationEverybody knows that you can get severely burnt while in high mountains and that you need to protect yourself well against the solar radiation. The higher you are, the more intense the radiation is. No doubt about that. You only have to ask mountain climbers who use protection factors of twenty or more. Close to the fatal date, a lot of us who plan to survive will be at an altitude of three kilometers (9000 feet) or more. Under normal circumstances there would be no problem. However, at the peak of the catastrophe, the light intensity of the sun will increase tremendously. An all-scorching light will be sent in the direction of the Earth. The intensity of ultraviolet radiation, which is responsible for the degradation of the ozone layer, will rise quite spectacularly. You can guess the consequences: you will risk burning unprotected skin, making it as black as carbon in this radiation inferno.

Just one solution will remedy the situation: wear protective clothing that stops the ultraviolet radiation as much as possible. It is the only way to prevent fatal burns. This is an essential part of the planning. Those who take their chances with boats will have fewer effects from the radiation, because the atmosphere absorbs a lot. Although they will be subjected to a minimal amount of the exposure compared to those in the high mountains, they still need to be careful. Direct exposure to the solar radiation for a short time is possible, but surely not for too long. However, the others in the high mountains will have to be extremely careful. They will have to protect themselves to the utmost against radiation. In most cases, wearing a good sunscreen, thick clothes and a hat will be sufficient to protect them.

Well, this was good reasoning, but in the meantime his thoughts went on. What else could be of importance? What other surprises does the sun have in store for us? Could it be worse?

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