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The most ... problems ( caused by great ... ... ) in modern / ... science that could be solved with ... Science (SS), mainly using the NSTP ( Non - Spatial Th

The most challenging problems ( caused by great mysterious phenomena ) in modern / ultramodern science that could be solved with Superultramodern Science (SS),Guest Posting mainly using the NSTP ( Non - Spatial Thinking Process ) theory. It is important to note that solution to a problem does not mean that it’s supposed to be the absolute solution or something 100 % certain. Nothing, according to the principle of universal doubt, is believed to be absolutely ( i.e. 100 % ) certain.

Part I

The problems whose underlying (mysterious) phenomena are multiple aspects of a singular structure, leading to the NSTP theory. The NSTP theory is the unique theoretical representation of that structure, and thus solves the problems.

1. The Problem of Wave - Particle Duality

2. The Problem of Electron Jump

3. The Problem of Wheeler’s Delayed - Choice Double - Slit Experiment

4.The EPR ( Einstein - Podolsky - Rosen ) Paradox or The Problem of Non - Locality or Instant Communication

5. The Spin Paradox

6.The Polarization Puzzle

7. The Problem of Mass - Gap in Yang - Mills Theory

8.The Problem of Particles with Spin ½

9. The Problem of the Nature of Dark Matter

10. The Solar Neutrino Problem

11. The Problem of the Source of Gamma - Ray Bursts

12. The Problem of Cell Development and Differentiation

13. The Problem of Newly Minted Protein Folding

14. The Problem of Action at a Distance

15. The Problem of Relativity of Mass

16. The Problem of Relativity of Time or The Problem of Absolute Speed of Light

17. The Problem of Conceptual Harmony between Mind and Body

18. Zeno’s Paradoxes

19.The Problem of the Mechanism behind the Phenomena of Telepathy, Premonitions, and the Sense of Being Stared At

20. The Problem of the Mechanism behind Astrological Phenomena

Part II

The Problems which are Solved Using the NSTP Theory -

1. The Problem of the Fundamental Nature of (Material) Reality

2. The Problem of the Existence and Nature of God / Deity

3. The Schrodinger’s Cat Paradox

4. The Mind - Body Problem or The Problem of Physical Basis for Consciousness

5.Are there Multiple Universes ?

6. Is Ours the Best of All Possible Worlds ?

7. What Happened Before the Big Bang ?

8. What is the Nature of Space and Time ?

9. Is Time Travel Possible ? or How to Build a Time Machine ?

10. Is Life a Dream ?

11. What is Life About ?

12. The Problem of the Nature and Origin of Mass

13. What is the Nature / Physics of I / Self ?

14. The Problem of Unification of Basic Forces

15. The Cosmological Constant Problem

Part III

The Problems Solved Without Using the NSTP Theory

1. What is Meaning?

2. What is Truth ?

3. What is Knowledge ?

4. What is a Thought ?

5. What is Intelligence ?

6. Can a Thinking Being Ever Reasonably Free Itself from Doubt ?

7. Do Computers Think ?

8. The Riemann Hypothesis

9. The Poincare Conjecture

10. How Synthetic A Priori Knowledge Possible ?

11.The Problem of Existence of Universals

12. What is the Relation between Science, Logic, Mathematics, and Philosophy ?

13. Does Free - Will Exist ?

14. What is Good ?

15. What is Beauty ?

The Most Challenging (Unsolved) Problems in Superultramodern Science (SS)

1. What are Superhuman Thoughts ? ( How to Understand Them ? )

2. How to Modulate the Central NSTPs ? In particular, how to change the values of the parameters in the central NSTPs ?

3. What is the Divine Design (both eternal and non - eternal) ?

4. The Problem of Creation of the Non - Eternal Universe

5. Is Human Reason Flawed ?

6. Is Reason Itself Flawed ?

7. How to Verify or Falsify the NSTP ( Non - Spatial Thinking Process ) Theory ?

I reckon that solutions to these problems are beyond human intellect. If one solves these problems it has to be regarded as Superhuman, the state of being distinctively higher to human.

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Dr Kedar Joshi, PBSSI

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