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The FMUP theory states that modern ( and ... as ... modern ) physics is flawed, not ... but quite ... ... is a list (not ... ... of those flaws wi

The FMUP theory states that modern ( and ultramodern,Guest Posting as extremely modern ) physics is flawed, not absolutely but quite considerably. Following is a list (not necessarily exclusive) of those flaws with brief descriptions. [ The flaws are then resolved with the NSTP ( i.e. non - spatial mechanical ) framework, forming Superultramodern Physics. ]

1. Space - Time Entanglement -
Space and time are neither entangled in (strict)physical nor a logical sene. Time varies with space because production of appropriate states of consciousness. Time, like space is a mere experience or illusion, so to say. If the instructions for production in the non - spatial universal software are varied time would no longer be entangled with space.

2. Ontology / Physics of Space - Time Curvature, String Theory, Etc. -
Space - time curvature does not exist as a physical / real entity out there but is rather an idea in the universal NSTP (or, in computer terminology, universal non - spatial software). According to the string theories the strings are supposed to be infinitely thin, which is logically impossible. So the strings also exist, if at all, as ideas like space - time curvature.

3. Relativity of Mass -
The absolute speed of time does not imply that mass is relative. Mass has to be defined as a bulk / substance or quantity of matter. For example, in electron acceleration experiment, the mass of electron remains constant. However, its increasing resistance to acceleration (as its speed is increased) is controlled by the hidden non - spatial universal program.

4. Time Machine and Relativity of Time -
Time, being a form of illusion or experience, is inherently relative. That is, it does not need relativity theory or the speed of light constant or absolute principle to prove that time is relative. Thus, to get into past is to reproduce the (non - spatial) states of consciousness as existed in the past (rather as we at present feel they existed in the past). And to build a time machine is to be able to actually reproduce them through varying the non - spatial universal software.

5. Newton’s Laws of Motion -
Newton’s laws of motion and his principle of universal gravitation is not logically necessary. They (that is the phenomena) could be changed by changing the non - spatial universal program.

6. Laws of Thermodynamics -
The same story as Newton’s laws of motion.

7. Mechanism of Basic Forces -
Please consult my article ‘The Superultramodern Scientific Explanation of the Fundamental Forces’.

8. Uncertainty Principle -
The position and momentum of a particle could be measured with absolute certainty. The present limitations on measurement are technical and not theoretical. This is because particle and wave are two separate entities. If particle could be traced without disturbing it there would be no involvement of the wave feature. The behaviour of the particle is actually moderated by the logic of wave encrypted in the non - spatial universal program. However, when particle is replaced by wave ( i.e. particle disappears from the picture, as space is a form of illusion, and its reappearance is determined by the logic of wave ) the position of particle is determined with absolute randomness or apparent randomness ( if hidden variables are present ).

9. Schrodinger’s Cat Paradox -
According to the point no. 8, there is no superimposition of quantum states. Particle never exists at both places simultaneously and thus the situation does not involve any logical/conceptual paradoxes. Thus cat does not have to be both dead and alive or neither dead nor alive simultaneously. It is rather either dead or alive. And at any rate cat’s world of experience ( assuming it is conscious ) is physically different from that of the observer’s. So cat could be actually dead but found alive by the observer as death to cat means annihilation of all of its states of consciousness while its being alive to the observer means it’s being seen to be active spatially.

10. Einstein’s Equivalence Principle ( Acceleration and Gravity are Equivalent ) -
This principle is a mere mathematical convenience, where the term mathematics is taken to mean in a very narrow or limited sense. Actually acceleration and gravity are different in the sense that gravity is one of the forms of acceleration.

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