Why Switch to Low Aromatic Fuel?

Jul 18


Hugh McInnes

Hugh McInnes

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Low aromatic fuel was developed by Australian chemists in 2004 as a replacement for standard petrol to address the fuel-sniffing habits of the aboriginal population.

The fuel lacks the aromatic compounds that creates the addictive,Why Switch to Low Aromatic Fuel? Articles mood-altering effects sought by the aborigines. The fuel was launched in the Australian market last year to fight this significant public health issue. 
The presence of the aromatic chemical compounds benzene, xylene, and toluene are greatly reduced in low aromatic fuel. Low aromatic fuel not only has a milder odour but has an octane rating of 91, the same as of regular unleaded petrol. This octane rating conforms to the requirements set by the Australian Fuel Quality Standards Act.  
The fuel can be used by virtually all vehicles that utilise regular unleaded fuel. However, cars manufactured prior to 1986 may require some adjustments or the use of an additive, as would be needed with regular unleaded petrol.  
Benefits of Using Low Aromatic Fuel
Apart from curbing the fuel-sniffing addiction problem in western Australia, low aromatic fuel has other benefits.Low aromatic fuel contains a specially formulated technology to help break down sooty deposits in engines, which ordinary petrol leaves behind, thus keeping your vehicle’s engine clean and in tip-top condition. Laboratory tests have shown that this type of fuel can clean up 20% of deposits from inlet valves and other key internal engine parts.
This fuel may be used in place of regular unleaded petrol in most vehicles such as cars, vans, and boats. It can mix well with regular unleaded petrol and will not affect vehicle performance. Its low level of vapours makes it safer to use, especially around children or other individuals sensitive to chemical vapours. Finally, it ends the abuse of petrol sniffing that endangers the health and well-being of aboriginal communities.
Other Facts about Low Aromatic Fuel
In colder climates, engines may be rougher to start because of the low vapour pressure of the fuel.  In such cases, individuals need to allow the engine to idle a few minutes before operation.  Readjusting the carburettor or installing an additive may be necessary for some older vehicle models. 
Owners of cars that use premium unleaded petrol should first check with the car manufacturer before using low aromatic fuel, as this type of fuel may not suit their car’s engines. Low aromatic fuel is not appropriate for use in racing cars or other performance vehicles that require high octane levels.
Low aromatic petrol is priced about the same as regular unleaded petrol.  Many petro-chemical companies are actively selling this alternative fuel in Central Australia and are expanding its availability in other areas of Australia.
BP Opal Fuel is a low aromatic petrol used to help combat petrol sniffing in rural areas of Australia.