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Jul 19


Luke Wildman

Luke Wildman

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Most people don't put up a website so it can sit and look pretty online. There is almost always a purpose, and that purpose usually has something to do with making money. Using web design to get the desired results requires an understanding of what action is desired and how to entice your visitors into taking the desired action.


The desired result could be for a website visitor to purchase a product,Absolute Web Design – Web Design Tips Articles sign up for a newsletter or fill out a form requesting more information. For some sites, the desired result is for the visitor to click on an ad, earning advertising revenue for the site owner.

The method required to achieve the desired result depends on what action you need your visitor to take. If you are making money from ads, then you want your ads to be prominently displayed on the site. Placing the ads in the right positions in your web design will increase your click-through rate and also your income.

To get someone to sign up for a newsletter or sign up for more information, a squeeze page is often the way to go. In a squeeze page, you offer a freebie as an incentive to get the user to take the desired action. If you are trying to get someone to buy something, you may find that you will have better results if you hire a professional copywriter to writes the sales copy for your website.


The Basics of User Friendly Site Navigation

One of the most important aspects to web design is site navigation. Designing a site navigation system that is both user friendly and aesthetically pleasing is a task that many web designers have great difficulty with. However, with the right knowledge and skills, even the most novice of designers can come up with a system of navigation that is both easy to use and easy on the eyes. First and foremost, the greatest tip available is to pretend to be the average user. Think about who will be using this site and cater your navigation to their thought process. Make your navigation clear and choose simple words that get meaning across as quickly as possible. This hold especially true if you are designing a commercial site that will be used primarily by customers. If you are a business owner you do not want to frustrate your customers with a complex "artsy" navigation system, instead allow them to get to the heart of your web site as quickly as possible. This means that as a designer you should keep your navigation links in the most common locations - either on top or on the left sidebar is fine. You will also want to include plenty of internal linking to help viewers navigate without relying on the navigation bar. Follow these basic tips and your users will love you for it.


Easy Web Design for Beginners

Web design can be easy if you know how to go about it. Even a person who has never built a website before can put up a very nice-looking site within a few hours if they have the right tools. In order to make web design easier for beginners, there are templates and software available to help with the task.

Many web hosting companies provide the software and templates needed to build a website quickly. Check to make sure the company you are considering offers blogging software or website templates, along with Fantastico, which makes installing software on your website easy.

Now you need to decide whether you want to use a template or blogging software to build your site. For most people, blogging software is the easiest solution. The software you need for this is called WordPress, and can be installed using Fantastico. Once it is installed, you can search for free WordPress templates online and upload the one you like best to use for your web design.

If you would rather not use blogging software for your website, you can choose one of the many website templates that your hosting company offers. The selection of templates you can choose will depend upon which hosting company you are using for your website. Templates and blogging software can make building a website almost as easy as using a word processor. For web design help do not hesitate to visit us http://www.absolutewebdesign.co.uk/